Premlatha is a great spirituality guide/coach. Before the classes I used to live from my mind. After the classes, I live from my heart. She is very thoughtful and kind in explaining the spiritual and scientific aspects of a concept. She takes the time to make sure you understand the power of a particular tool/technique. She truly believes in the power of what she teaches and you can feel it in her energy. If you are looking for answers on how to reclaim your energy and reconnect with your higher self, she is your guide for the journey. I learnt many tools but there were one or two that did the magic when I least expected it. The best part is, these are simple tools that I can practice for the rest of my life! Thanks Premlatha!

Ram, New Jersey


I met ma’am while surfing Facebook. Little did I know that it was the path that destiny had paved for me to meet her.

With all the hesitations, apprehensions and also the curiosity to know what is “The Awakening Journeys”  I pinged ma’am on FB messenger. Vola, I immediately got a response and then there was no looking back.

I am spiritual, however, I don’t believe in dogmatic values. Hence, when I expressed these views and opinions to ma’am, I immediately recognized that she is absolutely logical  and also understood the values and culture from which we develop these thoughts.

She is very quick to answer any questions irrespective  of whether it’s philosophical, psychological, spiritual or even mundane human experiences. Her answers are completely based on scientific research & knowledge that she has learned either by studying that subject or through the guidance she received from various teachers and gurus and interestingly from her own life experiences.

The dedication she shows for her seekers is unparalleled. I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels lost within themselves and are keen to find their way back home. Because, she will carry the lantern for you to make sure you reach back home safe and sound. The new ‘You’ will be empowered with knowledge and wisdom to carry this life on earth with peace and tranquility.

From BK – New Delhi, India

I have enjoyed reading Premlatha Rajkumar’s book, “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace” . It is a great inspiration tool. Her other two books are also a daily motivation. I feel that in this modern world many people need motivation to live their daily lives. 
This website on Awakening Journeys is a gift for humanity, the blogs are inspiring. I refer to Premlatha as “Amma” means ‘mother’ because I love the work she does for humanity. 
Premlatha’s guidance and counselling sessions have helped me so much in my spiritual journey. The simple tools she shares in her sessions have helped me to manage the emotional ups and downs in life. Teaching me to see life from a higher perspective, she has helped to heal my body, mind, and consciously take charge of my life. 
Udaya Kumar, Film Industry, Chennai, India
Poppy is the best teacher. I have personally known her for the last ten years. I learnt many spiritual techniques from her and followed till now. Whenever I am stressed out, her advice, blessings and prayers support me. If anyone talks with her for some time, for sure they will forget their worries.
 Velayutham. K. , Manufacturing Engineer, Griffin Georgia.
After spending an awful number of years in depression, anger and tears, I have now started living a life that the eternal power has designed for me. All thanks to Mrs.Premalatha, when there was this whole world judging me through the different phases, she came to my rescue through her online sessions.
I am not going to lie, It took time for me to start practising or even accepting the whole concept. But, she was patient with me. The way I see things have changed now! Every time I experience even a slightest of the “feeling low” types, I consciously practise the exercises she taught me. It instantly uplifts my spirits. Mrs. Premalatha, I know, Thank you is a small word for the kind of change you have brought in my life. Look forward to more such sessions with you. Keep spreading the wonderful positive energy in you to people like me.
Brand, Marketing and Communications specialist, In a reputed MNC
I have known Premlatha Rajkumar Ma’am for about 20 years now. She used to be our high school science teacher and she was my most favorite teacher in high school. Even then she used to passionately make us believe that we could change anything through positive thinking and made us meditate a lot and use affirmations a lot. 
I got back in touch with her again 10 years back when I was at the lowest in my life, she helped pull me out of my dark spot through the self healing and meditation techniques that she taught me. She encouraged me to write in my gratitude journal and I have been doing so the last 10 years, mostly everyday. Through her teachings which I diligently follow I was able to grow as a person and be successful in what I do. Even today, I always reach out to her whenever I feel burdened by life and the simple spiritual exercises she suggests for me pull me out of any low point I might have felt at that moment. Her book is a collection of miraculous spiritual exercises and if I am not able to connect to her, I read her book and follow one of those simple exercises she would have written about, and I immediately feel calmness envelop me. I would continue to gladly use her services again and again. 
If by some good fortune, you have found her then you have done yourself a great favor. Know that if you follow her words and put her meditation exercises to practice you can become very happy – more than you could have ever imagined. Good luck.
Renuka Selvamani, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Mam, I read your blog on quantum jump. I am grateful to you always. After attending Dr. Bruce Lipton’s workshop in person and many times talking to you over the phone with my deeper questions had made a huge shift in me. Your guidance and explanation made a great impact inside me. I believe I am making a real better version of myself while guiding myself to break the inhibitions with logic and consciousness to move ahead. Humble pranam for the shift you are making in individuals
-Ms. Kallolini Patro
Alternate Therapist
New Delhi
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