As an energy medicine practitioner, my work is to bring healing and help you remember and explore your own inner power to transform your life. When you heal your relationship with your body and mind, you get to live your life with the finest health, wisdom, and guidance they provide you. 

Having been an Energy practitioner & a spiritual life coach for the past 30 years, I have witnessed amazing experiences of huge shifts and life transformations in my own life and with hundreds of clients, students, friends, & family. 

I  came to the realization that chronic conditions definitely require a lifestyle change.

My work with energy medicine includes healing modalities of Ho’oponopono, Reiki, Magnified Healing & various amazingly powerful tools of alchemy. 

Energy Medicine helps you to move past stress, anxiety & blocks. It helps you to get into a life of joy & positivity, it helps you to experience impactful changes & huge shifts. It brings you back to your natural state of balance in all areas of life.  By working on the root cause of the issue, healing happens in physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. 

My medicine tools are in harmony with existence and designed according to the requirement of each individual’s need.  In a most wonderful way they help you to remember and connect with your own inner power, you empower yourself to become the healer & master of your life. 

For guidance and phone session rates please contact


As many ancient teachings from scriptures all around the world, and teachings of ascended masters and teachers reveal that our physical body is a temple and God resides within, I feel that it is an important purpose to find and experience it in this lifetime.  
The experience with the tools I share will help you to temporarily get out of the physical experience and connect with the power of Source energy in you. You are not going out anywhere, you are just finding other levels of reality within yourself. You shift and discover other dimensions in you. 
The physical human experience updated by the mind is riddled with birth, death and pain in the middle. 
Experiencing the shift from the physical body even for a few minutes, creates a transformation. And when you have access to information and apply it on a conscious level you get to live your life fearlessly with awareness. 


Poppy offers one-on-one private phone sessions .  Her sessions include intuitive spiritual counselling and energy healing.
Phone sessions are convenient and take place via phone. 
Energy is not bound by time or space. We live in a connected universe. We are energy beings connected with each other beyond time and space. 
You can book a phone session online by sending an email to


I am offering a 10 week spiritual mentoring course on Self-Empowerment. It is a one-on-one personal course. This course will be conducted through phone sessions and email. You can do it from the convenience of your own home. The phone sessions will be 60 to 90 minutes long with 2 phone sessions each week. There will also be a question and answer session as a phone call or as email messages.

In this ten week course, I will be providing you with 10 Energy tools which you can practice and work with easily. These tools make a powerful tool kit that you can have and use throughout your lifetime. They are tried and tested tools, which work amazingly well for anyone willing to practice with them. I received these tools through more than 35 years of my spiritual journey with many masters, teachers, and mentors of Self-Empowerment.

We are all in a period of transformation, both individually and collectively as humanity. While dealing with problems, using these tools of empowerment can help resolve our emotions and challenges more efficiently by approaching them from a higher perspective.

The tools work best when practiced regularly.

If you are interested send email to


The information provided on this website is not intended as medical advice. It is a sharing of knowledge from my own extensive experience and research. I encourage you to make your own health decisions.
I am not a medical doctor or any other licensed medical practitioner. Therefore I do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions.
I do not prescribe any medications, nor do I give advice as to whether you continue with your medical treatments or stop it.
I do not ‘cure’ diseases. My ‘method’ is not disease-specific. Energy medicine’s aim is to restore the entire body and mind system at the energy level. This  creates harmony with existence, wholesomeness and helps the individual to heal themselves.
I do not have any affiliations with any religious or ‘spiritual’ groups.
I do not work with anyone involved in any occult activities ( ‘black magic’, ‘sorcery’ etc.), nor do I remove ‘curses’ or ‘spells’.
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