You are Divinity in physicality.

The Divinity within you is the lover. It is the love that you are.

Love is the most potent medicine of all.

Love dissolves all unfavorable conditions in one’s path.

Practicing harmony with love is the work at hand.

Creating a sacred friendship with our Divine beingness is important.

This sacred union with our Divinity in our physical reality helps life to flow with effortless ease.

Divine Grace has never been withheld from us. It is flowing continuously and as we continue to acknowledge it , we see magic and miracles around us.

I woke up this morning at 3am for no reason. Then I just thought I will go get a glass of water to drink. I open my bedroom door and there was this tiny being slowly making its way through the carpet to my bedroom door.

It was just a finger length , at first I thought it must be some long insect with wings or something. Because of the issues of my eyesight I had to go get my cellphone and shine the light on it.

And then I could see clearly that it was a scorpion with its tail up.

I then started talking to it to be calm. Went to my bathroom got a water mug and a cardboard paper and gently pushed the being into the mug and went out to the patio and left it out in the garden.

I then came in and did my meditation and spoke to the guardians of all these tiny creatures that my home is not their space and they just have to keep to their space.

I am so much in gratitude for Divine Grace every moment of every day. I am amazed that I would wake up exactly at the time when this tiny creature was trying to explore my bedroom and also I was amazed at my calmness in spite of my poor eyesight, that I could catch the scorpion in a bathroom mug gently without harming it and let it out in the garden.

I am immensely grateful for this Divine Grace. My body was shaken up by the incident, but my Divinity handled the situation calmly.

Our Divine Presence is within us at all times, we are never alone. Divine Grace has never been withheld from any one of us, it is flowing nonstop, continually. It is our work to acknowledge it, align with it and be in the attitude of gratitude.

The acknowledgement, alignment, and the attitude of gratitude empowers us immensely in this life journey.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar


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