The greatest dis-ease gripping humanity is the “fear about tomorrow”; every one is tormented by the mind’s fear questions, will I have enough money, will my spouse continue to be with me, will I be taken care of in my old age, will I get healed, will I succeed, and so on . When we begin to see clearly without the fear stories of the mind we realize that there is actually no tomorrow, there is only this moment, the tomorrow also becomes another moment in the present.
“Fear about tomorrow” plagues our mind is such a way that we fail to see the gifts in front of us, we fail to appreciate life, we fail to live in the now moment which is our only place of power; we fail to do the good we came to do, and we shorten our lifespan with stress.
Almost all dis-eases of the human body and mind are stress-related, stress caused because of worry, anxiety and fear about yesterday’s happenings which are dead and gone and mind created imagined worry about tomorrow. This worry and fear takes up our entire day and we have not lived even a single moment in the present today. We are constantly travelling either to the past or to the future.
Fear is totally the opposite of love, fear is what makes people to become angry, cruel, greedy, selfish and wicked, fear is the dis-ease of the mind and the body. Choosing to live in the present moment we move beyond fear, we stop comparing and competing, we stop all kinds of judgment, we anchor wisdom, and we create grandness. Yes, every human being is given the ability to create grandness, with whatever situation they are placed in! 
Since the past and the future are imagined dramas of the mind, we cannot find God/the Divine in these places. When we cannot find God /the Divine we live in fear. This is because we are grand creator beings and we are a part of the Divine, we cannot be apart from the Divine or from each other, this it absolute truth! When we live in the fear stories of our mind, travelling to the past or the future, we have fallen asleep, and we forget the truth of who we are.
When we acknowledge the present moment, we find the present moment is full of gifts, flowing to us effortlessly in abundance, and we also find that we have been given the talents to use our gifts in excellence to live a life of wonderment and blessing to ourselves and this Planet.
Whenever fear attacks the mind, I chose to tell myself, ‘What if this is the only day/the only moment I have been given to be on this Planet? If this is so how would I relate to the gift of these 24 hours given to me?”
Instantly this questioning makes me come into the present moment and I choose to be my most beautiful self, my most happy self, my most loving self towards all beings. I become my most creative self to find solutions, and create wonderment with the situations present at the moment.
Just choosing to be in this moment and doing the things of this moment with our complete presence whole-heartedly we anchor joy, and wisdom becomes our way of life.
Let us choose to live in joy and bring the gifts of our wisdom to bless ourselves and this beautiful Planet!


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar

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