In this physical experience we are in partnership with the Divine.

We have the gift of materializing energy into matter in this physical reality. This happens with our attention, focus and intention.

We evolve and expand in consciousness through our every desire and asking.

A prayer is an energy experience which is a co-creation with the Divine. The result is, we expand and become the prayer.

When asked in prayer, the answer is given immediately by the Divine , our loyal partner in creation.

The work that we need to do as a loyal partner with the Divine is to get into trust that the answer has been given and we get into the receiving mode. We become open and receptive to receive the answer.

So we start acting with purpose that the answer is here now even though we cannot feel or see it with our physical senses.

So as we bring in more joy and gratitude with intention, the answer released by the Divine in energy form quickly manifests into the physical.

This is our power in this physical world, we convert energy into matter through our intention, attention and focused feelings of joy, love, and gratitude for the answer.

Many get stuck because they still hang on to the asking mode. They have forgotten that they have the power to become the living prayer. In their continuous asking they forget their energy of joy and gratitude.

It takes trust and courage to move into the receiving mode so that we manifest the answer in the physical reality.

Making a habit of getting into joy, gratitude and excited anticipation through the day, to the best of your ability is important. Get into the habit because you can, get into the habit with no expectation of the outcome from your mind.

The practice with these elevated emotions are powerful enough to align you with the answer and materialize it in this physical realm.

Remember , as the quantum scientists say, “this is a participatory universe”,  we are truly in partnership with the Divine.

We are grand co-creators.

With our elevated emotions of joy and gratitude we are bridging Heaven and Earth.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2022 


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