Blessed are we when we understand that our power lies in understanding and accepting our dark side also.

Dark does not necessarily mean ‘evil’ , dark is the part of us that is still ignorant and needs love and transformation.

It is the painful, fearful, angered and anguished part of us that is searching to be recognized and transformed.

Our wholesome self contains both positive and negative. Positive and negative combine to bring wisdom from all our experiences. When we try to separate them and push one aside, we are not living our wholesome selves.

The greatest conflict is between who we are and who we want to be. This human experience is to experience duality and gather wisdom and live in a more awakened state of being. If we are able to recognize light, it is because we have experienced the dark. If we can recognize courage, it is because we experienced fear.

Good and evil, life and death, they all coexist within us and they express themselves in every aspect of our life. We cannot deny or ignore this powerful dual nature within us.

Craving for acceptance from others and pleasing others, we try to push aside the dark part of ourselves.

 Unless we acknowledge our darker side we will never take responsibility for it. We will continue to project it on others and create illogical fears.

When we deny the wholesomeness of who we are we continue to be in pain and suffering.

Self love and self acceptance is the powerful instrument of illumination.  

As all the great masters who came to this Planet have said, when love is offered even to the enemy, darkness and hatred is destroyed. There is no enemy on the outside. The true enemy is the dark part of ourselves that we fail to acknowledge and since we do not acknowledge it, it tries to grow bigger and bigger and projects itself as a negative situation or person on the outside. By changing ourselves, we change our world.

Self love is sitting with oneself in silence and noticing the mind stories that come up, the stories that trigger darker emotions. Noticing without judging, the emotion dissipates and its energy is available for us to create something new.

We each carry within us a huge supply of accumulated negative feelings, beliefs and attitudes. The average human life is spent in running away from this human misery. When we fail to address these feelings, they become painful and they give rise to thoughts. This huge pressure on the inside also keeps us in a reactionary mode to all situations in life.

The work to let go of the feelings is simple, but it takes our diligent action of sitting down with ourselves in silence. Take moments of silence to observe unconscious thoughts. Letting the feeling be there without wanting to make it different, condemning it or moralizing about it. Just be present , stay with the feeling and allow it to run its course. Drop all judgment and see that it is just a feeling.

Things in life are not the problem but the way we feel about things that happen is the one that creates problems. Things happen, life goes on, life adjusts itself, something else comes in to fill the space. Once our intense emotions are out of the way, life presents solutions to the problem.

We cannot run away from experiencing our feelings, if we try to escape the experience prolongs. Just let go of the resistance and spend time to be with the feeling, then the quicker the experience will be over instead of getting dragged endlessly.

The moment the body is free from the past fearful stories, the body becomes a clear vessel to receive Divine inspiration. You will also notice that you are not easily triggered by your external life conditions.

Taking time to sit with the self, sit with the feeling, till the feeling dissipates is meditation, it is empowerment, it is teaching the body that it is much more, that it need not be defined by the past stories, and that truly it is Divine.

To change really means to become greater than your situation.

Accepting the dark part of ourselves we heal and liberate ourselves from past stories. This liberation provides us with surplus energy to find solutions and to transform our life situation.

We are the bringers of solutions and peace for ourselves and our Planet.

Let us choose to work on transforming ourselves.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2022

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