You and only you have the power to make yourself miserable or to make yourself happy. No master or teacher can do this for you. You just have to wake up to this truth and take charge to transform your life.
Everything, including people, animals, plants, rocks, germs, dirt, and even our thoughts and feelings are energy. We live in an ocean of energy, and everything is emitting energy vibrations in specific frequencies. The vibrational frequency is dependent on one’s focus.
We are energy beings projecting out a part of our energy as a slow vibrating physical body so that we can communicate in this physical world. There are multiple frequencies flowing in this physical universe and we have the gift to tune in to the frequency that we want just by influencing our focus.
The law of energy is that, like energy attracts like energy. It simply means that things with similar energy levels are drawn towards each other. It is to say that positive thoughts attract good things and negative thoughts attract unwelcome events into our space. So choosing to hold the consciousness of ‘happy’ in your space no matter what, the Universe then has no choice but to bring happy things into your space.
So this means that we can control our energy vibration by conscious focus. By controlling what we are focusing on, we can attract what we want in life. So then it is also true that our vibrational frequency has a huge influence on the world around us.
Each one of us has the responsibility to set right our energy for ourselves and for the world around us.
If we are struggling with anger, sadness or insecurity, then it is difficult to make conscious choices and focus or tune in to the frequency that we want.
The key to bettering our prospects in life is by elevating our vibrational frequencies. Taking time to practice meditation, practicing stillness, affirmations, creative visualizations, practicing energy arts like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts, Reiki, Yoga, sitting with nature, and processing thoughts, all help in a profound way to elevate our energy. Many of these practices are available on the internet for free and there are more wonderful masters and teachers teaching these arts now on the planet than ever before. It is very important to take time to practice such energy medicines in order to set right the energy vibration within oneself.
Feelings of fear, insecurity or low self worth bring down your vibrational frequency to the lower side and you will find people, situations and things of similar vibrational frequencies in your life. In order to attract better situations, happy, caring and positive people who have high vibrational frequencies we have to develop similar traits in ourselves. To see the change in the circumstances on the outside, we need to change who we are on the inside, and transform our life for the better.
Premlatha Rajkumar
© PRajkumar, 2022


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