We are consciousness in a physical body. There is an afterlife and the consciousness survives the body.
It is important to take care of our consciousness while we are in the body, because it is the main thing that we are going to take with us when we leave this world.
The Gift of being in a human physical body is to evolve in consciousness. And to do that we have to be aware of what we put into our mind, we have to watch our thoughts, words and actions. What we practice in this life is going to follow us in the next world.
We live in an overwhelming time now, it is important that we stabilize our energy, and balance ourselves and live from our inner strength. Inner strength helps to flow through life with ease and grace.
Acknowledgement of consciousness and our connection to everything in the Universe helps develop our inner strength.
There is unity and interconnectedness in Consciousness with all beings on the Planet and of the entire Cosmos. This experience of Unity and interconnectedness has been experienced by meditators, energy practitioners and near death experiencers from all over the world. Understanding unity and interconnectedness helps understand the Grander Life Force Energy or Consciousness that creates and maintains all things.
The physical body and the brain gives us an experience of waking consciousness. This waking consciousness is just an aspect of the larger higher consciousness.
The energies of the Cosmos and the Earth are ancient, powerful, they are the material with which our physicality is formed. So to strengthen our waking consciousness in the physical body and to evolve, we consciously connect with the energies of the Cosmos
and the Earth and feel it in our physical body. Feeling is the key.
We are given the gift of the ‘breath’ in our physical body. The breath is the vehicle that can bring in the energies. Our imagination is a powerful fuel for this vehicle.
So with alert intention move the breath with the intention of pulling the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos within the physical body into your heart center. To move the breath, breath in with the imagination of pulling in the golden energies of the Earth from below your feet and the Cosmos from above your head at the same time into your heart. Feel it in your body, see it as gold, it is beautiful energy. And with every out breath see this golden energy move out through your heart to the space around you. Create this beautiful sphere of gold energy around you.
It takes just a few minutes to do this, do it as many times as you can during the day. The more diligently you do this, the more effectively you are able to transform your life. And also help to bless everyone that comes into your space.
We are truly blessed to be a blessing. It takes a conscious intention to activate our blessing. Let us choose to be a blessing for ourselves and our Planet.
Premlatha Rajkumar
© PRajkumar, 2022


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