THE TRUE GIFT – Book Excerpt – “Everyday Empowerment ” by Premlatha Rajkumar

Have you ever noticed that true giving can never be from the physical? This is because nothing in this physical world truly belongs to us.

Our bodies are borrowed from the earth, our breath is recycled air, and our thoughts are recycled energy from airwaves. Everything we use – clothes, food, shelter, etc… nothing is ours, all has been borrowed from this Earth to help us witness a human experience! If this is so, then the only thing that is ours is our Conscious Presence.

In this human experience, we love to give gifts; we feel good about giving gifts. If we give physical gifts, we have given nothing of ours; we have only shared that which we have borrowed from the earth. When we give ourselves, we give the true gift.

Giving of our conscious Presence is when we can experience true generosity.

Being with one in full Presence, is when we have truly given a gift to someone.

True gifts that we can give are: 1) listening with full attention when someone is speaking; 2) hugging a loved one with full presence (without any other thought in the mind); doing one’s chores with full presence – if washing dishes, then being fully present with the dish, the water, the soap, feeling each one with appreciation, if cooking, then being totally present with the cooking process and not diverting one’s attention to radio, phone, computer, or TV; 3) while eating, being fully present with appreciation for the food; 4) while taking a shower, being fully present with appreciation; 5) while in nature, being fully present with appreciation for the warmth of the sun, the breeze, the plants, and the animals. When the body is sick or in pain, the true gift we can give to this beautiful physical body that has been serving us these many years, is to give it our conscious presence – to be with the pain, to touch, talk to, and give thanks to the body.

The Creator deserves our best gift. We cannot give the Creator anything physical for it would not be a gift from us. The true gift we give the Creator is our trust – simple trust and gratitude.

In summing up our gift of our conscious presence, which is our only gift that we bring to this Planet, we can truly say that it is also an experience in graciously receiving the gifts of existence. True giving is graciously receiving the gifts of existence with our conscious Presence.

This is the grandest gift because healing and rejuvenation happens wherever Presence is involved. When we choose to give of ourselves, give our Presence to existence, we experience wisdom, joy, compassion, and peace.

We create grandness from our Presence within, and we experience life to the fullest.

Through our appreciation, we bring grander solutions, and we become the builders of heaven on Earth.

We are the grand witnesses of life; let us choose to trust, graciously receive the gifts of existence, and become true gifts of life.


Premlatha Rajkumar

– An Excerpt from my book, “Everyday Empowerment”

(The book is available on Amazon)

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