Affirmations can be the seeds that you sow in order to reap a plentiful harvest as the year goes by.

Seeds need good nutritious soil, moisture, pressure and optimum environmental conditions to survive. Your intention and feelings are the optimum conditions for your affirmation seeds to grow.

Treat your affirmations with care by pouring your intention, attention and feelings into it.

Affirmations are just words but they become magical when you apply your feelings to them and make them true for you.

The affirmation seeds are ready to grow and you are the master who can give permission for them to grow by your intention and your attention.

Affirmations are permissions you give yourself to become more of who you are.

Remember, you are the master magician here, you are using the feelings of the words to allow yourself to change.

These are a few affirmation seeds to begin the year:

1. I am grateful for all that I have in my life. I feel lucky in life.

2. I believe in my ability to attract good luck.

3. I attract good fortune into my life.

4. I feel the powerful presence of good luck everyday.

5. I choose to be lucky everyday.

6. I expect and receive good fortune everyday of my life.

7.Good things keep on happening to me.

8.Luck is always with me.

9. Fantastic new opportunities enter my life everyday.

10.I am lucky and I spread good fortune wherever I go.

The words in the affirmations are building material, by applying your feelings you build your life more in the way you want it to be.

Choose any one of the above affirmations and do the following exercises with them:

1. Write them down many times in a notebook everyday.

2. Tell them aloud slowly, applying your feelings to each word as you say it to yourself at least for 5 minutes, three times a day.

3. Memorize the words and repeat the affirmation to yourself silently as you do your chores of the day.

Continue your exercises with each affirmation for a set of 21 days

Then after the 21 days note down all the changes you have made in your life and appreciate yourself for your diligence.

You are truly the Captain of your ship, the Master of your life!


Premlatha Rajkumar 

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