Consciousness is a very deep subject, one has to be in the place of experiencing it in order to know it. Consciousness is not linear, it is not definable, you cannot understand it fully, you cannot catch it neither can you describe it. The explanation on consciousness that I have shared here is just from my perspective and is a limited version because one cannot even try to explain it.

Consciousness is continuously evolving. It chooses to manifest itself as many things. When it chooses to manifest itself as a person, for example you, you choose to personalize it as ‘me’ or ‘myself.’

Consciousness is the Divinity within that presents itself to your own awareness as a person.

A person is conscious, but it is a very limited form of consciousness. The physical body is an expression in time and space for experiencing the physical experience. Consciousness is imperishable but the body is not.

A sweet friend asked this question:


What is Consciousness?


Consciousness is having a dream. And that dream is you.

There is no ‘ me’ praying to ‘that’ but actually you are the prayer.

You become the prayer.

No one can fully understand consciousness. You cannot hold it or can you define it.

A tiny part of consciousness is projecting itself as a person. And the person calls it as ‘me’ or ‘myself’ again this is just a dream about separation.

Consciousness is the Divinity within. All confusion and fear and negativity arises because of a dream of separation.

All nature is conscious. Every animal, tree and rock is conscious of consciousness. But man had a fall from grace, which is forgetting consciousness. This is also the dream of consciousness.

Everything is consciousness. There are no explanations or definitions.

We are like a tiny cell in the body of consciousness thinking that it is separate from the body.

In order to understand the nature of reality, to understand oneself, and to understand all of life, a person needs to elevate awareness and perception. Becoming alert and aware is an important process to get out of fear and flow with life with effortless ease.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2021

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