A global crisis or a personal crisis is not under our control, but we do have a powerful choice to make when things go wrong. 

We can decide to become a victim, which is the most popular choice, or we can trust our inner power and take control of our mind and our reaction to what is occurring. This is the secret of the Alchemists. 

Alchemy is to take the seemingly chaotic happenstance of your life and turn them to your benefit. Turn them into devices that cater to your favor. 

It is changing chaos into an opportunity to shine and show what a human soul is capable of. 

We can access our higher source of wisdom and love when we become responsible for our feelings. Feelings help us connect and bond with our inner wisdom. 

The ways of the modern world have made us be more in our head than our heart. We judge ourselves so harshly and tell ourselves that we are not good enough and so we reject our inner wisdom. We learnt to numb our feelings with various kinds of addictions. Since we forget to take responsibility we blame others for the conditions in our life. We have literally abandoned ourselves and have lost connection with our magical selves. 

As children we were hurt, but we were not taught how to manage our emotions. Our wounded self absorbed all the false beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs became a circuit in the brain and it runs on autopilot. This wounded self becomes the constant chatter from behind making us more survival oriented towards all life situations. 

When we take responsibility to heal this wounded self with its false beliefs, we gain access to our higher wisdom and love. 

I am reminded of the quote from Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems from the same thinking we used when we created them”. 

It is important to change the way we think, to raise our consciousness and to change our perception. 

Making better choices, choosing to feel better helps us heal faster and also helps others around us to heal. We don’t need to be victims of circumstances, we have the power to access our inner potential. We are capable of growing better at living, we have the potential to step into the best version of ourselves everyday. 

Here are some fun ways to program your brain to get into a default mode of joy, gratitude and have access to your inner wisdom especially during tough situations. And when you take time to practice these fun exercises you can see yourself as the happy alchemist of your life.

  1. Sit with yourself and write a list of simple things that make you happy, things that you love. Keep adding to the list everyday. Then everyday as you wake up choose one thing from the list and do it for yourself that day.

  1. Start a gratitude notebook. Personalize the notebook creatively for you, draw or paint or fix pretty pictures that give you joy on the cover of the notebook. Sincerely start writing the things in life that you are thankful for. They may be simple things like the air you breathe, to the loved ones in your life. Record all the things that come to mind. Write them neatly, imagining that you are making a beautiful record of your life. Then before going to bed read them one by one and feel the smile in your heart.

  1. If you are plagued by a negative thought again and again, write down the negative thought. Then write the opposite of it and make it an affirmation. Physically writing down a positive affirmation is important. Write the affirmation on a piece of paper and repeat it to yourself again and again and carry it with you as a reminder to practice throughout the day. When you do it enough times, you will be surprised to notice that the negative thought that bothered you is nowhere to be found. 

  1. Play with your imagination. Take the situation you want to change, imagine the good outcome that you want. See the situation and the good outcome as a line going from point A to B. Tell yourself that you are going to walk the line from point A and arrive at the good outcome at point B and that when you arrive at point B you are going to be in a different reality.  And then literally walk down the hall or the room with the imaginary line in  your mind.

These are a few fun things that I practice and I notice amazing results.  I invite you to try them out for yourself dear friends. 

We all have the capacity to create new brain circuits that help uplift our body, mind and soul. We just need to take time to do the inner work of tapping into our inner potential. We are born with amazing capabilities and by birth we have access to these capabilities at any given time of our life.

Let us choose to be the grand alchemists of  our life! Let us step into the best version of ourselves! 

Many blessings!

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar Aug, 2021

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