Separation is an ego story.  The ego constantly needs to compartmentalize everything. So to do that it needs to prove the specialness of something to separate it from other things.

Nothing exists in isolation. All matter from subatomic particles to galaxies are a part of an intricate web of relationship within a unified whole.  There is a powerful life force that forms a link binding the tiniest particles of sand with the distant stars.  We are a part of each other and can not be apart.

The idea of separation is an illusion and  it creates a kind of mental prison that restricts us to be our true self which is a loving, creative being. We have the task to process our thoughts and emotions, free ourselves from this mental prison and open our hearts to compassion to embrace all living beings and the whole of nature.

Since we are a part of the whole, we are responsible for the choices we make. The choices we individually make also become the choices that affect the whole. Whenever we fail to process our thoughts and fill our mind with violence and fear, we are contributing to the fear of the collective human consciousness. Every time we clean up a bit of fear within ourselves, we are really doing it for everyone.

When we choose to love, forgive and respect all life, we contribute towards these values in the collective and we help these values become a reality for all of us.

It is important to be alert and aware of the thoughts we choose to bind ourselves with. Thoughts cannot come alive unless we give them our attention.  We cannot control thoughts, they just come and go as clouds in the vast sky, but the clouds do not stay, they pass away. So are thoughts, they do not stay, but if we choose to give them our focus and bind them with our emotions, then they come alive. Then they become the cause for our actions and our actions lead us into habits. Habits create our personality which inturn creates our personal reality.  And our consciousness contributes these concepts to the collective reality. 

Learning to be awake and aware is a powerful practice of being responsible and taking care of oneself.  Practice taking charge of thoughts and emotions and gather wisdom.  No matter how smart a person is, if he/she is not able to handle their emotions and be self-aware, they will be a failure in all relationships, relationships with the self, with family, with friends, with job, and also with nature. The greatest ability one needs to encourage oneself with is processing one’s thoughts and balancing emotions. 

Our capacity for kindness, love and compassion is immensely powerful to create huge positive changes.  Even our small acts of kindness, appreciation, listening, a smile have enormous potential to create life-altering changes to the receiver. 

Let us choose to be self aware and responsible to create positive changes within ourselves and for our Planet. 

May humanity awaken to its Divinity! 

May our Planet be blessed! 

Premlatha Rajkumar

©PRajkumar, 2021


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