~ A simple heart meditation for the Solstice
As your feet touches the earth after you wake up, sit with yourself in silence. Notice your breathing for a few minutes. Place your hand on your heart and imagine the sun rising in your heart. See its bright, brilliant, golden radiance & allow it to radiate within, through, and around you.
As you breathe in see this radiance from your heart fill your body, and as you breathe out see this golden light radiating out from you into the world outside.
Imagination is magic. We are energy beings and when we imagine with feeling, we create in energy and energy brings it into matter.
The brilliant golden radiance of the Sun from your heart dissolves all the dark (things that do not support you) and absorbs it into the light. The light continues to create grandness to whatever it touches.
Allow the radiance of this unconditional love/light from your heart to enrich all the cells in your body, to fill the room that you are in, to embrace your loved ones, allow it to shine on your life situations, radiate it to all nature, humanity, this Planet and beyond.
This imagination can be done for a few minutes or more, any time, any where, whenever you feel like it, enjoy doing it.
Make this a practice everyday and feel the healing love and brilliance in your life.
Especially during the summer solstice, June 21, tomorrow, this meditation will bring great transformation personally for oneself and for the entire Planet. Mother Earth will thank you for this wonderful service you bring.
So place your attention, intention and feelings on this simple practice, just think of yourself as a little child and play with this imagination as many times as you can. Notice the transformation in your energy, emotions, and brilliant intuition and guidance to every situation in your life! Enjoy !
Happy Summer Solstice dear ones!
Premlatha Rajkumar
©PRajkumar , 2021

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