A few friends wanted to know more about today’s  thoughts that I had posted.

Today’s Thought:

‘The Universe partners with us in creation. It asks, ‘What do you want to be right about?” It confirms what we affirm.  Be aware.’

More on this thought:

The universe does not judge your beliefs.

It simply mirrors to you your deepest subconscious beliefs. The mirror is the life situation happening in relationships, in finance, in job , or in health situations.

It is good because looking at your mirroring you are given a chance to change.

The world outside is our mirror.

When you smile at the mirror it smiles back at you. When you show an angry face it shows an angry face. To change the angry face you cannot go to the mirror to change, you change your face to a smile so that the face in the mirror changes.

The universe is your loyal partner, your mirror. It confirms what you affirm.

So if you believe that something or someone is not good, you will get to see more of ” not good” in the person or situation.

The moment you decide to change your belief, the situation changes. Because it is just your mirror.

Understanding the mirror and learning to create change in the mirror takes inner work. Through my spiritual journey of more than 35 years, I did the work and I was able to see the results.  So I  prepared a 10 week course, “Tools of Empowerment” for those who are interested to deepen their spiritual work, to become more of Spirit and less of matter, to live on this Planet in the physical body and create grandness for oneself and for this Planet.

If interested to do the course please write to me to my email.

I have also shared many of these spiritual tools in my book, ‘Twelve Steps to Inner Peace’  People who work with the tools have found great results. The book is now being used by the university of Northern Kentucky for their online course, “Mindful Professionals”

Be well and be blessed dear friends!


Premlatha Rajkumar

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