EMPOWER YOURSELF ~ An excerpt from my book
Today, the world we have created is busy, materialistic, and much credit is given to proving oneself and pleasing others. This trend has not helped or supported us in anyway. More and more of us are facing diseases of the body, mind, and spirit. So we start the search for the medicines to heal us, and in our search, since we have never thought of ourselves to be wise or worthy, we search for relief outside of us.
There is no wisdom or healing outside of ourselves.
The true medicine for all diseases of body, mind, and spirit are in us. We have the power to give these medicines to ourselves. The true medicines are love and kindness toward oneself, trusting our inner wisdom, understanding our worthiness to live a wonderful life, and most importantly, to realize that every single cell in our body has an individual soul, a presence, and a wisdom of its own.
For so many years of our lifetime, we have been therefor so many people; our bosses, our teachers, our spouses, parents, children, and so on. But now it is time that we take the time to be present for ourselves.
It is powerful to be present for ourselves, and it is powerful to talk to our cells and to trust in their wisdom. When we are aware, awake, and present for ourselves, we create the most wonderful reality, which as beloved children of the Universe, is our birthright.
Simple things you can do to empower yourself everyday:
Take time to sit in silence with yourself every day.
Travel through your imagination and dream happy dreams for yourself. Keep your dreams alive by affirming that you are worthy to live a wonderful life.
When doubt or fear arises, take slow deep breaths, and in your mind’s eye, see yourself breathing-in the love and light of the Divine, which is always around you and within you.
Be still and know that you are so greatly loved and cherished by the Divine – more so than you can ever imagine or think of.
Keep your intention very clear and express them to the Universe For you are deserving, you are Divinity in Physicality and you deserve to live a wonderful life.
Your Higher Self, your Divine Self, which is your Mighty I AM Presence, is as close to you as your very next breath. When you place your hand on your heart with gratitude, you instantly connect with your Mighty I AM Presence, your Higher Self.
Your Higher Self is the powerful part of you that lives both within you and also in the higher dimensions. Your Higher Self contains the wisdom of the Universe and is your guide and protector.
~An Excerpt from my book “Everyday Empowerment”


Premlatha Rajkumar

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