When horses were used to pull carts, a pair of small screens were attached to a horse’s bridle to prevent it from seeing sideways and behind, so that it will pull the cart straight in the front.

People also choose to wear mind blinders, blinders that prevent them from understanding of a situation.

The greatest thing about being human is being conscious. Consciousness is an awareness of one’s self existence and existence to self.

There are seven blinders or conditions we choose to wear and we think the world is a dark place.  It is dark because of our blinders. Let us identify these blinders and remove them.

  1. We say we love someone, but the love we imagine is for the person to be just like what we imagine them to be in our heads. We never take time or effort to meet the real person in front of us. We keep on going with the love affair of our imaginations, and when the person does not match our imagination we immediately stop loving them.

  1. We assume that people will know everything about what we think and imagine. We never communicate about what we want, and then when people fail to do what we imagined we become upset with them.

  1. We judge ourselves so much, we have some image of perfection created in our mind and we continue to judge others also according to it, and we forget to love and accept ourselves and others.

  1. We do not understand that humans are born good, we do not trust and so we think that the entire game of life revolves around rewards and punishments. Rewards and punishments have never helped anyone till today, they were successful only to spread greed and fear.

  1. We have forgotten to practice silence or non-doing, our mind is so much into “busyness” that we continue to search for reasons for everything. The problem is life is beyond reasons, and the mind cannot understand, due to the need to justify everything we continue to suffer.

  1. We love the games of comparison and competition which brings in a wealth of suffering. We compare the past without understanding the present and we compare and compete with people without understanding that each one is unique and can never be compared. These games have blocked love and communication.

  1. We attach ourselves to body and mind so much so that we think that if body is comfortable then life is good. But life’s purpose and its gift is to make us evolve into higher consciousness. We have to leave our comfort zone and receive the gift of life. When we fail to do this we remain stagnant.

We have the freedom of choice, we have the power to set ourselves free from the blinders that bind us to suffering.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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