We are born with the natural power of imagination.  We use this power every minute of every day whether we are aware of it or not. 

Imagination is creating a mental picture in your mind. Imagination continues to happen day and night like breathing, it is the natural process of being alive in a body. 

Our left brain is verbal and it thinks, but the right brain dreams and it experiences.  

The act of imagination is the act of dreaming. Imagination is done by our right brain. The right brain does not think, its work is to experience. It picks up the sensory information and translates it into awareness.  That is why those who go through the ecstatic moments of communication with the divine or those that have been through Near Death Experiences are not able to verbally describe their experience. Because the awareness of the experience is done through the right brain and it cannot be analysed rationally.

If we are conscious, we can use the right brain to help us create what we want. When we harness this power it literally works miracles in our life. 

When I was very young I resonated to the ancient story of Eklavya, a small story from the ancient Indian Epic, Mahabharata. In this story Ekalavya wanted to learn archery and he approached a great teacher of that time to teach him. But this teacher refused to teach him because he was poor. But this did not stop Eklavya, he went home and made a statue of this teacher and practiced archery everyday in front of the statue diligently. Over the following years because of his amazing imagination, he became so good that he would shoot an arrow precisely just by picking up the sound of the target. 

Giving attention and intention to my imagination has helped me achieve success in many of my endeavors throughout my life. It is wonderfully heartwarming for me to hear the success stories of my students as they put  this to practice in their own life. 

The ancient book, “Zen in the art of Archery” published in 1948 by professor Eugene Herrigel, talks about perfecting the ‘inner game’ so that the outer game becomes effortless. In Zen Archery, you visualise the arrow going into the target and you close your eyes and pull the arrow. The arrow is extraordinarily precise in reaching its target. 


Neurophysiology research reveals the evidence that we activate the same parts of the brain during imagery just like if we are actually doing the task itself. The basic thought is that the imagery is allowing the brain to maintain those connections. Scientists say that the nervous system is integrally related to muscle performance. 

So it is through the senses that we activate the body. So if we cut a lemon in imagination and smell it or squeeze its juice into our mouth in our imagination, we notice that our body immediately starts salivating. You need to give the right images to trigger the subconscious and provoke the body into action. 

This aspect works well during healing the physical ailments in the body. Visualizing or imagining the particular body part as healthy with constant intention and attention to this imagery, magically helps to heal. I have experienced this within myself and also with so many of my clients. One of my students who is a trainer for athletes tells me that she would ask her trainees to perform  the race mentally before they go to bed, to vividly imagine themselves winning the race and it works out amazingly for them. 

Recently I tried a 3 day water fast. I have never fasted that long with just water. I was able to do it only by the wealth of my imagination. The first day of the fast I was okay, the second day I became extremely hungry. Then my mind started giving me picture memories of my favorite foods. I became even more hungry. Then I decided to try working with the pictures. I sat silently with myself, closed my eyes, imagined myself eating my favorite food, enjoying every bite, smelling and tasting the flavors, even hearing the crunch of the crispiness in my imagination. I enjoyed the imagination and within 10 minutes I felt no hunger, I actually felt full and satisfied! The third day of the fast just went on effortlessly!  And I successfully finished my 3 day water fast!

The book, ‘Psychosymbology’ by Theodor Laurence, is a powerful research in activating the power of the right brain. It is a compilation of the magical experiences of thousands of ordinary people from all walks of life, who learnt to unlock their own wealth of power to create a healthier, happier life. 

Remember, this is a participatory universe and we are born with all the tools needed to create grandness in our life. The important thing is for us to wake up and participate by doing the inner work. Transforming one possibility into another is alchemical magic. It is not a fantasy, it is very real. We are born with tools within ourselves to tap into the magic of the universe. 

 The answer to crisis lies within us at all times. Children are happy and energetic because they are constantly in the land of imagination. The magic is to tap into our imagination and visualization skills with intention and attention. Our conscious participation creates absolutely at all times. Our healing, our support, our success, and our abundance lies within us waiting for us. Let us open our gifts and enjoy the experience. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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