I have noticed myself to be a people person as I cherish the presence of friends, family and strangers around me. Sometimes I feel like hugging everyone I meet and tell them that they are so greatly loved. I admire the way we human beings are made, our intelligent minds and loving hearts. 

I love to sit with people, listening to them sharing their life experiences. Previously in my younger days, my mind used to get ahead of me, I thought that I knew what they were about to say and so I just blurted out the next thing that came to my mind which I realized was not favorable for anyone. 

Over years of stillness practice and practicing witnessing life, I have learnt to be more patient, and really allow myself to be a space for the person in front of me with whom I am interacting. Being consciously present and available for them. 

The more I practiced stillness and witnessing, the more I understood that there is nothing to fix, every being and everything around us is created with the intelligence it needs to go through the experience of living. Every being is born with the capacity to heal, to revive, and to rejuvenate itself.

This concept is not logical to the ego-mind, it wants to fix everything, and it cannot understand the way of nature. It cannot trust the process of life. It is because the mind knows only what it knows, it is limited by the laws of space and time. 

When we practice going beyond our mind we understand that true listening is creating a space for the person sharing their distress with us. By creating this conscious space, we help the person to wake up, to rise above the mind stories of limitation and to realize their own capacity within to heal and rejuvenate their life by themselves. 

As parents, teachers, friends, leaders, we love to comfort and heal people, but many times when people share their raw emotions we become uncomfortable and change the subject with a story we are comfortable with. By doing this we are actually removing focus from the anguish of the hurt person and turning the attention towards ourselves unconsciously.

People want us to hear them, and acknowledge what they are going through. They need us to just listen to them without judgment instead of forcing our story on them. 

I have noticed that when emotions are validated greater healing happens.

To bring healing we just need to listen to the person in pain instead of making the person listen to our similar experience stories. It is wise to give support to the person without changing the conversation. This can happen only when we ourselves choose to practice stillness and anchor patience and trust in the process of life. 

When we create space for a person in pain to relive their stories, amazingly their inner being shines through and they find a solution to their problem, they make peace with whatever issues they are facing, and they are even willing to ask us for solutions if needed. 

And likewise when we practice the art of pure listening, our inner being also points us to greater solutions that we can also share with them. The art of listening helps us to learn from each other, to share valid information for the upliftment of all concerned. 

Let us choose to be the space for pure listening and be the sacred witness of life.

Let us bring healing and rejuvenation by holding sacred space of listening with compassion. Let us work for the greater good of all concerned,


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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