We are multidimensional beings. We live in many dimensions and realities.  The human self is just a tiny part of who we are. We also reside in many other frequencies, other dimensions. There is so much more to us than we are aware of. 

The everyday reality that we experience is actually a collective dream. Reality becomes real when we give our focus and attention. 

Quantum science has been able to successfully explain this through their thousands of research studies. Physical matter, which also includes our physical bodies, are made up of light particles. The properties of the particles do not even exist until there is an observer  to witness it. 

The Quantum particles are winking in and out of existence at the quantum level and our physical senses are too slow to register this. 

So we exist not only in the dimension registered by our physical senses but also in dimensions not registered by our senses. So this leads to the truth that birth and death are just experiences in time and space, and that they are not necessarily beginnings or endings. 

Ancient sacred texts all over the world say that this world began as a thought in the mind of the Creator. 

Great researchers, doctors, and scientists have been skeptical about these things till they started researching and experiencing these strange aspects of life. 

Seeking for the meaning of birth and death, I came across the work of great Researchers, Doctors (especially Hospice doctors and oncology doctors who work with dying patients), hypnotherapy research work, Near Death Experience research, Past life regression studies and studies on Future Life Progression, and channelings from other dimensions and realities. 

I am just naming a few people in this research and revelation on life beyond death and life between the many physical life times. Please read the research and case studies done by Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Brian Wiess, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Regression specialists like Dolores Cannon, the work of authentic psychics like James Van Praagh, and many others. 

We are in an exciting time of explosion of knowledge and information on the Planet. The information helps us to dramatically change our lives and helps us to understand who we truly are.

Our physical senses are confined to time and space and hence placing attention just on our senses has given us a narrative of our life story involved with time and space. And yet all these researchers and their experiences have revealed our existence beyond time and space. 

Human beings are apparently transdimensional beings. Our existence is not only in this physical realm but also many other states of existence, which cannot be imagined from this frame of physicality, but we are slowly realizing it to be true. 

Especially hearing and reading about the experiences of people who have gone through Near Death Experiences, brings out the truth that we are not the body but we are the consciousness that experiences birth/death, we are never born and we never die. This eliminates the fear and grief of death. 

We get to realize that in physicality we may be individuals, but when we are out of time, space, physicality we are consciously in oneness with everyone. 

It is also strange to know that once people enter into pure consciousness after the death of the physical body, they go through a life review, they get an entire panoramic view of their actions in life. And strangely they review their life not with the eyes they had when they lived their life but they are embedded emphatically with the consciousness of the person with whom they interacted. So in this review if we have done something hurtful to someone, then we feel the hurt and sadness from the consciousness of that person directly. And also if we have done something kind to someone we also feel the good feelings of that person. 

These revelations again and again point out to the truth that we are amazing beings, interconnected with everyone and with everything. Our purpose is to treat ourselves and everyone and everything around us with respect and love. 

For in the end everyone actually loves everyone else. We are our own judge and jury, there is no one out there to punish us. We can never be separated from each other or from the grand Creator being. 

Just reading and learning about all these researches removes the fear of death or any other limitation. For those who get to experience the moment out of time and space existence is powerfully life changing.  Many come back renewed in body, mind and soul, and understand that every life experience, whatever it might have been, was all about learning to love again and again. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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