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Our Solar system is now in the Photon belt. The Photon belt is a donut shaped toric field of energy that emanates out from Alcyone, the great central sun in the Pleiades. Alcyone is a giant sun that has a radius almost ten times as that of our Sun. 

It takes approximately a 26,000 year cycle for our Solar System to travel around Alcyone. During this 26.000 year journey of our Solar System we spend 11,000 years outside of the Photon Belt of Alcyone, followed by 2000 years inside the Photon Belt, followed by another 11,000 years outside and 2000 years inside and so forth. 

The 2000 years inside the Photon Belt is referred to as the years of light, and the 11,000 years outside the Photon Belt is referred to as the years of darkness. 

Our Earth takes approximately 365 days to complete on rotation around the Sun of our Solar System. Then our entire Solar System takes approximately 26.000 years to complete one rotation around Alcyone, the brightest Sun of the Pleiades. 

Alcyone along with our Solar System takes approximately 225 million years to go around the Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy. 

Our entire Milky Way Galaxy is held together within an energetic field which is a toric field.

The energy field around Alcyone is also a toric field ( torus shaped), this field is at right angles to our Solar System. This field extends past our Earth’s Sun. This field is made up of Photons.  As the energy field is at right angles to our Solar System, during its 26,000 year cycle, our Solar System gets to be partially or fully within the field or sometimes away from it. 

Quantum Physics explains the Photos as the smallest possible quantum particles of the electromagnetic field and they radiate light. 

So the toric field around Alcyone is also referred to as the “Photon Band” of light. 

The most exciting thing to know is that our Solar System is now in the Photon Band of light for another 2000 year period.

The strangest discovery made by science was that the Photon particles of light have a link with the human mind and consciousness. 

Thousands of research and experiments in Quantum Physics have revealed this strange connection.

Please read about these simple experiments on quantum particles in authentic peer reviewed science magazines.  Also one of the famous scientists and researchers, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who is a Theoretical Physicist and a Quantum Physicist, has made it easier for people to understand the strange nature of the Quantum particles through his Dr.Quantum comic books and animated videos on YouTube. 

We are living in a most powerful time on Earth, as our Solar System is in the Photon Belt, we have great access to shift ourselves to become more conscious, to work with the photon energies to heal our body, our Planet and humanity, and also to bring shifts in the use of energy, harnessing the energy to bring in clean energy for our communication,  travel, health and other systems. 

Masters and teachers in the field of martial arts, qigong, tai chi, acupuncture, acupressure, Reiki, pranic healing and other alternative therapies that use the natural electromagnetic energy have found it easier to elevate the state of mind and state of body health and also the state of life affairs for themselves and their clients by consciously connecting with this light energy. This electromagnetic energy ocean is around us, it flows within, through, and around us at all times. And we can connect with it with our conscious intention. 

We can withdraw into our inner space and dream greater visions and intend consciously so that the light flowing within us will cocreate this grand vision with us.  

Our Solar System’s transition into the Photon Belt is supporting us to step into our greater evolutionary purpose of raising our consciousness. It is supporting us to become the grander version of our greatest vision for ourselves, for humanity and for our beautiful Planet. 

A Simple Visualization that I do everyday: 

I start my day by sitting with myself, noticing my breath, placing my hand on my heart and visualizing a beautiful sun rising in my heart space and shining powerfully. I consider this light as unconditional love, unconditional joy and unconditional peace. I continue to visualize this radiant sun of my heart shining its light into every cell of my body, spreading into my home, my city, the country, to all countries, the entire Planet and beyond into space. I hold the vision as long as I can and enjoy every moment of it. 

This simple visualization programs my day to be lively and beautiful. 

Let us choose to elevate our consciousness and co create with this beautiful light energy a grander version of a new and beautiful world. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020



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