Joy is the indication of having an overflow of life force energy.

A lack of energy manifests as problems, sickness, and other issues. 

We create our physical reality as energy flows from our thoughts and emotions into our physical manifestations.

All body functions operate on the electron flow of energy. 

Science now has evidence for the existence of biofield energy.  

“Global Advances” in health and medicine says: 

The term biofield describes “a field of energy and information, both putative and subtle, that regulates the homeodynamic function of living organisms and may play a substantial role in understanding and guiding health processes.”

From the energy ocean around us, the energy that flows into us is 100% pure life force, but when the energy comes out of us it is colored by our emotions and experience. 

Perception matters, perceiving the environment without the input of our judgment gives a pure insight into life itself. 

Just witnessing life without judgment creates a change in our electromagnetic frequency, a change in our vibration and hence a change in our consciousness. 

The most important thing to sustain our life is our connection to the life force energy of the Universe.

Devoting yourself to practices and inner work that would help you to be your authentic self. To be connected with your authentic self, will help to be connected with the Universe and the entire flow of energy of life itself.

Doing the inner work is to really take care of the self, to find joy about being alive, being happy instead of relating to our problems or other people’s problems.

If we are joyful about our own existence, we have excess energy. People who have excess energy have the potential to help somebody. We have to help ourselves first before helping anyone else. Sometimes we find ourselves trying to help people who don’t want to be helped or who can’t be helped, this again is an enormous drain in our energy and we go into depression. 

If we do not have enough energy and try to help others, we will become energetically bankrupt. Our energy drain happens because of our thoughts and emotions and not because of the efforts of the physical body. 

Practicing mindfulness, practicing the attitude of gratitude, practicing being a witness to emotions and processing thoughts are important things that help to prevent energy drain from our system.

Mindfulness helps to recognize that we are not our emotions, but they are a part of the ego-identity and that we really don’t need to participate in the emotion to the extent of losing our consciousness. 

A Powerful practice that has helped me is practicing witnessing. Witnessing helps you to see yourself, to see how you interact with everything in your environment, it helps to hear yourself speak, listen to what you say to people. This develops your ability to learn from yourself. In my experience it is a constant continuous practice, and cannot be taken lightly. 

Sitting in stillness and listening to the sounds of the Universe, develops our ability to learn from the Universe. 

These are practices that help to maintain our energy, by not wasting it on expressing it in strong lower emotions. 

When we have excess energy, we can use it to heal our physical body and all other aspects of our life.  I have experienced this in amazing ways, I healed myself from extreme debilitating illness and depression just by sitting with myself everyday in stillness and learning to be the witness of life. It was possible for me to be in joy and that was when I understood that I had an excess of life force energy to help myself and also support others. 

The best way to co-create our reality requires our conscious presence and responsible participation. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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