The Universe is teeming with a variety of life, many are advanced beings, their type of technology is thousands of years beyond our capacity here on earth.

We rarely get to meet other human forms of life that coexist with us here on our Planet, deep in our oceans, even in caverns under the earth and in all the many habitable planets in our solar system and beyond. We have become untrustworthy as a species because of our violent tendencies. Since we have difficulty in accepting our own kind, it is not possible for us to accept anything beyond our mind created concepts. This delays our process of growth in conscious awareness as a civilization.

Only when we get to grow beyond the ego and grow beyond prejudices of race, color, religion, status, money and all the stuff that separates us against each other, it is possible that we can get a glimpse of the real Universe. Till that time we can only understand ourselves as a lonely planet in this vast universe.

It is time we get in harmony with existence. Spirituality is about being in harmony with life, in harmony with love, being in harmony with existence. Spiritual experience is not anymore about seeking God, but it is about recognizing the Divine/God in oneself and within all things seen and unseen. It is now proven that the world I see and the ‘me’ I know are all made up of the same material.

Accepting everything as part of the self is when true growth happens. Everything that comes into our reality is for us to experience, interact and learn from it.

Spend time to sit with the self, accept every aspect of the self, and understand that everything is a part of the self and can never be apart. Practicing non-judgment helps to let go of fear and get rid of the decision making problems that fear creates. So then when something pops up in our space we understand that we have the next part of ourselves to accept and to love. When there is no judgment or fear it is easy to extend our understanding and cooperation.

Loving and accepting everything as part of the self is a gracious response to life and the gifts that life showers on us. Acceptance arises from trust and trust is the greatest devotion to the Divine.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020



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