The ‘hu-man’ is Divinity in physicality. The idea is to master the higher consciousness in a physical body, the project ‘human’ is to experience Divinity in physicality. 

The basic attitude of the physical is to resist, to war against, in order to take control. Every battle feeds the ego. The ego is neither good nor bad. The ego was born to take care of the physical body. It takes its job seriously, it is a record keeper, a data collector. It collects data by its constant questioning of ‘what is wrong, what is wrong?’. Data about everything wrong about the person or situation is collected and filed to be used for the control battle. 

With every control battle won, the ego becomes stronger. When ego gets stronger, unfortunately we end up losing the most important part of ourselves which is our consciousness. 

The more we try hard to keep someone or something in our life, we end up losing ourselves in the process. 

We fight to take control and we think we have won, not knowing that it is a loss of our conscious connection with our true power. 

In our unconsciousness we battle and we also teach our children to do the same, to compete for the prize, for money, for material things, for the future, for the election, for prestige. As a society we have become survival minded and careless because we continue to allow the ego to do our job. 

Letting go control is about growing in trust. Allowing the physical being to evolve in higher consciousness, to become a true hu-man, ‘hu’ refers to the Divine, the Divine in man. 

Letting go control is to relax, to get into harmony with the great existence, to understand that the plan of existence is grander than the fear of the little ego-mind. 

It is a choice to surrender, to stop the battle with oneself and with the universe, to stop resisting and pushing against. To go with the flow of existence. Choosing synchronicity with existence is a deeply relaxing experience, it is a most delightful experience.  

Surrender is allowing the Divine in the ‘human’ to take charge. Absolutely trusting the Divine. 

True love and genuine trust is when we don’t seek to own or possess anyone or anything, or seek to control in any way. It is to realize that the other person is not here to meet our expectation, or to fulfil our fantasies, or to complete our desires.  True love and genuine trust in existence are synonymous with liberty and freedom. 

Choosing to grow in consciousness, it is to take a hundred percent responsibility for your life, to respond to life with love and trust. 

From this love and trust we get to understand that this Universe is a friendly place and everything works out for our greater good, for us to evolve into our power as grand conscious beings. 

It is important that we learn to manage our mental health and well being, no one else can do it for us. It is important to not allow the ego-mind of fear and resistance to run our life. 


The only thing that can make us happy and help us to be in freedom is connecting with our greater consciousness.

Sharing this beautiful visualization practice that has helped me to let go control:

This visualization was inspired from my favorite nursery rhyme, ‘Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream’ . So here, whenever I get the urge to take control, I visualize myself in a small boat, paddling upstream against the current. Putting in so much effort and fighting hard. Then I choose to just let go and trust life, so I visualize myself turning the boat around and letting go the oars, the boat smoothly floats downstream. There is no effort, every moment is smooth and the boat takes me to where I need to go.

I get a feeling of total relief and happiness after this visualization. And then I find that surprisingly things fall into place perfectly. And I realize that even with all the effort from my mind I would not have achieved this success. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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