Heart Connection ~ An excerpt from my book, ‘ Everyday Empowerment”

This journey of life, as a human being, is challenging. Every challenge can be met and handled with effortless ease when we are directly connected to the light of our Higher Self. When we choose to build a good relationship with our heart and align ourselves with our power, we see all things from a higher perspective.

Our heart responds to love and appreciation.

Sending thoughts of love and appreciation to the heart is a powerful experience. It brings peace and calm, and it brings unexpected solutions to present problems. It is through the heart that we connect to our God Self/Higher Self, which is always ready to help us. In connecting with our Higher Self, we are tapping into the wellspring of wisdom and abundance for our life in all aspects.

Our Higher Self brings us intuitive messages. We often receive them by way of thoughts, dreams, symbols, numbers, feelings, people, and situations. The messages flow continuously – all we need do is to take notice of them through stillness. As we are so greatly loved, more than we can ever imagine or think of, this gift of immense grace is available for us anytime, anyplace.

Therefore, it is important that we choose to be in the place of stillness, to connect with our heart to receive, and to take notice of these messages. This choosing allows us to flow through life with effortless ease.

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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