Matter is body and conscious intelligence is spirit. All matter exists by its asset which is the spirit or otherwise consciousness. All matter is conscious. Whether you call it living or non-living from the concepts of the mind all matter is alive.

As humans we have the choice to be conscious or unconscious. When we are unconscious of our conscious intelligence, life seems to be stressful and problematic. Choosing to connect with our conscious intelligence which is our own higher self or greater self, life flows with effortless ease.

The ‘human’ is powerful because when the human becomes conscious, everything of matter aligns with the conscious intelligence of the human.

So it is as simple as how we treat ourselves. When we choose to be awake everything around us is awake. When we treat ourselves as sacred, we understand the sacredness of everything around us.

When we live in conscious awareness, everything aligns with our awareness and becomes our sacred tool. The chair we sit in, the table, the computer we use, every tool that we use, the room, the walls, the ground we walk on, the trees, the animals, the air, the wind, the entire cosmos, everything aligns with our conscious awareness, and everything becomes our sacred tool to make life flow with effortless ease.

The real work that we need to do as individuals is to do inner work to bring clarity to our mind, become awake, connect with our conscious intelligence, and raise our consciousness.

When we are clear, everything around us and everyone around us becomes clear.

The judgment and the exaggerations of the mind stories are the ones that make things unlovable and unforgivable. The inner work is to love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable.

A conscious human is one who chooses to sit with oneself and question negative thoughts and negative self talk. For truly the greatest critic and the greatest enemy is one’s own self.

A situation or person may hurt our concepts once, but we continue to hurt ourselves by replaying it in our mind. We create patterns in the mind and run our lives from these patterns. Living life then becomes problematic and very stressful.

The more stressful we are, the more unconscious we become.

We are created as grand, powerful, intelligent beings. We have everything within to live life with ease. It is time to choose to take back our power, to sit with ourselves, do the inner work of letting go thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us anymore. To clutter clear our mind and come back to clarity.

When we are clear all matter around us become clear, because the spirit of all matter is one with our consciousness. Let us choose to become awake and aware, so that we radiate our grandness on this Planet.

May humanity awaken to its Divinity!

May this Planet be blessed!

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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