Celebrate life ~ An Excerpt from my book, “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”

Yes! Every created thing on this Planet is for you to enjoy and share  from the place of celebration. But the human mind whose only concern is  about the survival of the body, does not understand these things. It is  always on the look out to possess things that enhance the body’s survival.  Humans as a collective, have chosen to live from the mind and accept the  stories of the mind to be real; therefore, we see much chaos and confusion  around us. In our confusion, we continue to strive for money, power, and  possessions. In our striving, we become blind to our natural self which is  unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony. Everything that is other than  our natural self becomes stress.

Striving for money, power and possessions is an illusion. Death of the  physical body arrives and takes them all away reminding us that we cannot  possess anything in this physical world. We are here only to experience the  love and joy of creation.

Awakening comes for some at the time of death,  which becomes too late, as they realize that they were given everything but  they chose to be blind. Busy in their striving for possessions, they forgot to  live and celebrate their lives.


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