Ancient scriptures around the world tell us that this world as we know it started as a dream. It was dreamed into existence. It was dreamed from our magical inner world.

As time went on the “busyness” of life took us away from our inner world and the art of dreaming.

Children are in tune with imagination and dreaming, but in this fast modern world they are also discouraged from dreaming, or to sit quietly with their thoughts.

Technology & gadgets keep us away from our magical inner technology. There is more and more involvement with outer technology throughout the day and no time is allotted for time with oneself.

When we stopped dreaming we started using the mind for everything, we ended up training our minds and unconsciously allowing our mind to get into autopilot to run our life.

Since we forgot the art of conscious creation, we started facing chaos, confusion, struggles and in our mind we projected the idea that life is hard. We created belief systems that preach that only hard work, pain and suffering pays. We forgot our capacity to dream, to go within and look for answers.

The grand magical technology of creating is within every one of us. We can take charge and use our sharp mind to imagine & visualize, to awaken this creation power within us.

There are five important tips that connect us with our magical inner world.

  1. Perception:

The secret key to awaken this power is to change our perception from within. Everything exists in different levels of energy in the energy field around us. All that we want already exists.

In order to bring what we want into our physical reality, we need to tune our perception to the energy of that which we want.

  1. Feelings:

We tune in with our feelings, feelings create a powerful bridge between us and that which we want in life. Choosing thoughts and emotions we can create uplifting feelings of happiness, appreciation or gratitude for things we already have. Feelings help us get into our world of possibilities and bring things into reality.

  1. Practice Stillness:

Take time to practice stillness. When you sit quietly with yourself, put aside fears and guilt, they are just mind stories. You are a grand being of choice. Nothing is yours unless you choose it. So get into this present moment, change perception and stir up the feelings.

  1. Visualize:

Bring yourself to peaceful breathing, start visualizing the successive images of positive future events, work up your imagination till you feel the excitement. What we believe determines what we make true. Expect to be lucky at all times. It is as simple as that.

  1. Mental Replay:

Mentally replay the exciting end result by taking a few minutes many times during the day as you go about your chores. Make it more fun and exciting. Make the cells of your body being to believe it completely. You can even fake the feeling as if what you want has already happened.

Now whatever you are visualizing produces an energy signature that matches with the energy of that which you wanted. For that which you want already exists in the energy field and is waiting for your call. When you call to it from your inner world, it manifests into your physical reality, it becomes true!

This practice of consciously living in the present moment, feeling excited & making happiness a habit has helped to create wonders for me in my life. I continue to share my success stories as a reminder for me and for all who come into my space.

Remember, the circumstances of the world outside is a past story, a delayed reflection of the unconscious state of consciousness.

It is time for us to wake up, enter our magical inner world, acknowledge our power as co-creators of our reality, and consciously dream of a better world for ourselves and for all humanity.


Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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