Happiness is the most precious of all riches.

When you choose to keep upgrading your happiness by practicing the attitude of gratitude, you become the richest person in the world.

Making it a habit to notice the gifts in all situations keeps you upgraded in your state of happiness.

Have you noticed that the most sought after state is happiness? Every seeking is a seeking for happiness. Whatever we are seeking, whether it is power, money, fame, relationship, jobs, whatever, ultimately its goal is to attain happiness.

In our mind we think we are seeking money or fame or relationship or a job, so we try hard, we become anxious, desperate, judgmental and more and more miserable because our seeking continues. Even after finding the job or the relationship or fame we were seeking, it feels as if something is missing. Then we think that we need to try to attain the next step of the money or fame or relationship to find that which is missing.

The thing that is missing is happiness, the more we search for it outside, the more it remains far away.

It is because the happiness we seek is within us. Happiness grows by our decision to be aware of the gifts of life, to be grateful, to celebrate life at every given opportunity, to love every aspect of ourselves, to appreciate and approve the beautiful creation that we are.

Happiness happens out of your attitude towards life’s journey, it is not a goal to be reached.

Happiness can happen only in this ‘now’ moment.  It is a decision, a choice to train the physical senses to notice the gifts of life with awe. To see life through the eyes of wonderment and joy.

Science proves that the energy field that flows around, within and through us is an electromagnetic field which is a field of all possibilities. It is our partner in creation. The language that we can communicate with it is through our feelings. Our heart and brain are centers of electromagnetic energy. Energy that radiates from our heart and brain is affected by our thoughts and emotions. When our thoughts and emotions come together, they create feelings which travel as language/communication to the field around us. The field responds by co-creating with us more of that which we feel.  So prayer is actually not words but feelings. We are always given what we ask for.  So are we asking the right things through our feelings?

Happiness is the most precious of all riches. We can consciously choose to be happy by our attitude of gratitude. We can upgrade our happiness by consciously choosing thoughts and emotions of love, caring, compassion, non-judgment.

As we upgrade our feelings of happiness, the energy field around reads the language of our feelings and it co-creates with us by bringing more things into our life that we can be happy for.

When we understand and practice these attitudes, we get to be the richest people in the world. Abundance of everything we want flows towards us. We find good health, relationships, wealth, leisure to enjoy the pleasures of life, a deep spiritual  life, everything, we can have it all!

Remember the first step is to consciously make a choice to be happy.

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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