From a very young age, I seemed to see the world differently than those around me.  I have had an awareness of other realms and dimensions throughout my life. My dream time was very real and I received solutions and answers from my dream time.


Even though I went through extreme trauma physically and emotionally as a child I was able to connect myself to my spiritual self and survive my ordeal.  I have come to understand that my challenges were grand blessings provided for me to understand and help others in a better way.

As I grew up, I discovered that I had gifts in me that helped bring deep meaningful healings for people. I feel very blessed and honored to use my gifts to help people from all walks of life at this time.

As many ancient teachings from scriptures all around the world, and teachings of ascended masters and teachers reveal that our physical body is a temple and God resides within, I feel that it is an important purpose to find and experience it in this lifetime.

The experience with the tools I share will help you to temporarily get out of the physical experience and connect with the power of Source energy in you. You are not going out anywhere, you are just finding other levels of reality within yourself. You shift and discover other dimensions in you.

The physical human experience updated by the mind is riddled with birth, death and pain in the middle.

Experiencing the shift from the physical body even for a few minutes, creates a transformation. And when you have access to information and apply it on a conscious level you get to live your life fearlessly with awareness.

You can contact me through my website:  for private phone sessions

You can also read my blogs and inspirational posts on my website

I have authored and published 3 self-help books.

My first book, “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”  is a wonderful self-help book with empowering spiritual tools found at the end of each of the twelve chapters.

The book is used as a text book for their online course, “Mindful Professionals” at the University of Northern Kentucky form 2017

My second book, “ Everyday Empowerment” is about thoughts to uplift oneself.

My third book, “ Be Inspired” was created with all the powerful thoughts I received during my challenging times to handle life situations from a higher perspective. These thoughts helped me thrive. I wanted to share the thoughts & the book was born.

I also share intuitive thoughts, blogs, and information on my Facebook page, please connect if you are interested.

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

Read about my books here…

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