Anger is one of the normal human emotions. Every human is prone to anger, whether it be a child or an adult. Dealing with anger in a positive way is responsibility.

When we forget this responsibility, anger takes its toll on our health and messes up our relationships. Anger or greed whatever lower emotion, they are always exaggerated by our ego mind. Sometimes even blown out of proportion!

It is important to take charge of ourselves and grow up into responsible humans for the sake of our own well being and the well being of humanity and the Planet.

First and foremost the important thing is to acknowledge that anger is a normal emotion and you are not an exception. You cannot avoid anger or bottle it up. Since anger creates stress for the body and mind, consciously choose to help yourself to channel your anger in a positive way.

When anger strikes be considerate of the person in front of you. Do not pour your ‘anger trash’ on anyone. Learn to be responsible.

Important things to remember:

Do not bottle up your anger but work through your anger thoughtfully and respectfully.

Do not work with a machine or drive while you are still angry. Your energy is used up in the emotion and you do not have enough energy to focus or concentrate.

Since you are not yourself when anger strikes, be careful of your words, you can vent out by writing the words you want to say as a letter or email, but never send it. When you review it later, the intensity will be gone, so you can delete it or tear it up.

Do not make food your comfort, do not eat when you are angry. The stress creates problems in your body system.

Do not reach out for alcohol or drugs to comfort you, they create more depression than the anger.

Try workable actions like immediately getting out of the space where the anger started, go into the bathroom or any room where you can be alone and scream out your anger, take a pillow and hit the pillow as many times till the anger is released.

Choose to do practices like breathing, simple exercises, few moments of quiet time, listening to music, or meditation, regularly. These practices would keep you in full awareness of your emotion and make you think clearly.

The best practice I have found is to just step back and view the situation as an observer, hold that space for you, and then a kind of magic happens! You feel better, you are able to breathe and calm down. The process of observing, taking time to see the thoughts makes you understand that you are bigger than the emotion and you are in control. Just the act of watching brings in consciousness.

Remember emotions are not stable, they do not stay, they come as waves and flow away. The anger emotion may stay with you for a few minutes, then your mind will go into the next thing, the anger dissolves and some other emotion arises. So in those few minutes of anger, just be with yourself, be the watcher, be very aware; the anger dissolves and clarity of mind appears. From the clarity choose to focus on resolving the issue by identifying possible solutions. When the mind is clear solutions do appear.

Let us choose to be responsible humans, let us learn to accept and channel our emotions in a positive way.

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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