Self care is the art of keeping yourself in a pleasant place. The Universe responds to your choice by making your life flow with ease.

If you feel unhappy, angry, or sad, you have to come back to taking care of yourself. Negative emotions deplete you, positive emotions regenerate you. You always have a choice to keep yourself in a pleasant place.

The body is a beautiful being that holds the powerful electromagnetic heart. The heart is connected and in tune with the powerful electromagnetic field of the Cosmos. The heart is in the Cosmos, and the Cosmos is in the heart.

Research from the HeartMath institute has documented and proven the technique to elevate one’s emotions immediately.

When we choose to be in the place of elevated emotions, life flows smoothly and effortlessly. When emotions are elevated the physiology of the body also changes.

This technique is very simple and anyone can do it, there is a profound shift if we practice it regularly.

The Technique:

  1. Notice the attitude you are feeling right now, and choose to change it.

  2. Identify a replacement attitude. For example, if you are feeling unhappy, choose to notice all the gifts in the situation in front of you. Attitude of gratitude, caring, kindness create powerful elevated emotions.

  3. Focus your attention on your physical heart space.

  4. Start breathing slowly and deeply as if you are breathing from the heart. You can even take counts, like for 5 counts inhale, and 5 counts exhale if it helps to breath slowly and deeply.

  5. Choose the attitude you want to replace the current negative emotion with.

6.Stay with the attitude until you feel the shift in you.

You can do this heart-focused breathing technique as many times in a day as you need, you can do it anywhere, you can do it as you walk, as you wait for the bus, as you are grocery shopping, any where, any time.

Practice maintaining this new attitude and perception as you move through your day to day interaction. Diligent practice for at least a few weeks will help it to harmonize and become natural to you.

Changing attitude through heart focus is a most efficient way to run life without stress.

The Universe sincerely reflects in your reality the attitude you choose to hold within you.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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