The world outside seems to be in chaos, but we are powerful beings who can regulate our body and our environment. The most important work to do at this time is our own internal work of increasing our life force energy.

When Quantum physicists peer into the nature of reality, they are finding more and more evidence that everything is energy at the most fundamental levels. To understand human health , you need to understand energy.

Physicists observe that energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed. Life is a force of energy and it cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed.

Birth is an energy creation of the physical form of existence and death is the absence of the physical form of existence. So basically it means that you are life who existed without form before the creation of birth and life continues in the absence of the physical form. Since life cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed.

Life in the physical experience can be defined as the force that lives your body, so we can say either you have energy or you do not have energy.

Life energy is expended from the body over the course of your life, from your thoughts, feelings, your connections to others, your environment, and pretty much everything. So a crisis for energy happens through the course of your life because you are unaware of your inability to hold or maintain the flow of the life force energy through your body.

This brings up the idea that you actually don’t have a relationship with people or things, you are actually having an energy exchange. And the level of consciousness you have during the energy exchange depends on whether you gain energy or lose your energy.

Energy drains from thoughts arising from memories of piled up negative experiences. When we unconsciously create mental filters through negative experiences and opinions, we restrict the free flow of energy into our physical body and environment. This unconsciousness creates sickness, depression, aging and lack.

Energy transfer from the Cosmos into the physical body can be done in various forms. These can be martial arts, Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Mantras, Meditations, Attitude of Gratitude, Breathing, Visualizations, Ho’oponopono, alchemy, etc . They are all practices referred to as energy medicine around the world.

All these practices help to break negative mental patterns, bring emotional balance and help individuals allow the Cosmic energies to flow into the body to help the body to flourish mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically.

Energy is the currency that provides true health for the physical body and environment. With knowledge, understanding, and practicing of energy work, you can create and hold more energy in you.

When the body has enough and more of energy, the electromagnetic energy field around us becomes more powerful and it also helps to raise our consciousness.

When the electromagnetic energy field is bigger, you are more healthier and more resistant to illness and problems. As your consciousness also raises, it allows you to be healthy and successful. It is because now you have energy to deal with all the situations of life and go through life with ease.

Choosing to increase your energy opens you up to new and beautiful experiences with your body and your life.

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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