TOTAL AWARENESS : An excerpt from my book, Be Inspired

All of nature is in total awareness.

Research shows that when a tree is dying, it will call unto the insects that can feast on it and help it to die.

The Russian Spiritual teacher, Anastasia, says that if you put the tomato seeds in your mouth and mix them with your saliva and then plant them in the soil, the seeds would have scanned and read your entire body system. And when they are growing into tomato plants if you give them water that was used to wash your hands, feet, etc. the plant would get more knowledge about the nutrients that are lacking in your body. And when it brings forth the fruit, the tomato will have all the things you need for the health of your body.

In spiritual circles it is open knowledge that the animals which come to your space help to bring emotional balance to your life.

Indigenous people, who live in deep deserts and forests, can travel to new places many kilometers away without a map and reach the right place, within the right time. They see how high certain birds build their nests and can tell how much rainfall will be available that year. They also knew the language of the clouds and the air and thrived with awareness.

In this modern world we live in so much fear because we forgot the art of conscious connection with nature. We forgot to connect with our own inner being, which is the most powerful place where we attain wisdom and ‘Oneness’ with nature and all humanity.

When living in conscious awareness, life is not fueled with fear but fueled with a deep connection and knowing with all beings, Life blossoms like a flower with goodness for all, and we thrive in the joy of living.

Let us come back to the wisdom of our inner being. Let us choose conscious connection with all beings. Let us thrive in the joy of living a conscious life.


Connecting with your Divine Self (the wise inner being) is very important to live your life on this planet with ease.

Your very own Divine Self that you are born with is the essence of your beingness, the source of life and the light of understanding. When you connect with your Divine Self, you receive peace, harmony, guidance, solutions and understanding of unlimited possibilities.

Your inner being is constantly trying to reach you, to uplift you in love, to provide you wisdom and power, and to show you an easier, better and joyful way to live your life.

Connecting with your Divine Self is simple. It needs your clear intention and openness to receive the gifts of consciousness that are ever there for you.

There are two simple ways to create this window of connection with your Divine Self:

  1. When you are about to sleep or about to wake up, there is a short period where you are neither awake or asleep. This is when your mind is switched off, and you are directly connected with your Divine Self. Enter into silence, ask your Divine Self to draw you to itself. Then if you would like, ask for guidance, insight, or an answer.

  2. During the day you can take time out away from all gadgets, sit quietly, close your eyes, notice your breath, and give intention to make contact with your Divine Self, be open and receptive to all the inspiration and love offered to you.

Make use of this window of connection with complete trust. Just spending 10 or 20 seconds is enough. It is okay if you do not feel or identify a response, just know that your intention is the most important thing that makes the connection for you. Be assured that you will receive. It works all the time.

You will start receiving messages, insights, and extra energy.

Inspiration will start unfolding at the exact time you need it.

Connecting with your Divine Self keeps you in harmony with existence. When you are in harmony with existence your response to life is spontaneous and phenomenal!

This book is a compilation of thoughts that arose from my inner being to help look at tough situations from a higher perspective.

Applying these thoughts to life situations and living their truth has helped me in greater transformation.

I trust that these thoughts would uplift and enrich your life as much as they have helped mine.

The above is an excerpt from my book, Be Inspired

Blessings !

Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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