The physics of energy is ‘like energy attracts like energy’

The purpose of human experience is to witness the experience of living and enjoy every moment of it.

It does not matter where you live or what material things you have, all that matters is how you experience yourself in any given moment.

If you can notice the gifts in the moment and enjoy the moment to the fullest, you are creating a brand new personal reality for yourself by becoming a new person in the moment. When you choose to be a new person by letting go of the mind stories about the past, the reality aligns according to your new personality.


And it works that way all the time.

I have experienced this and I would like to share a small adventure I had.

It was a time in my life when I came to a foreign land with my family and was going through some tough times to make ends meet. I went grocery shopping and I saw these beautiful bouquets of exotic flowers on display. I was amazed by the colors, the beauty and the fragrance of the flowers.  I asked my husband to buy some for me if possible, but the flowers were expensive so my husband told me to stay near the flowers and fully admire them as long as I wanted to, and he left me to get the groceries.

I stood there gazing at the flowers, enjoying each one of them with so much joy in my heart. I was full of gratitude that I was in that place at that time among all those lovely beautiful flowers. Oh my goodness! My heart was overflowing! I was so happy!

It so happened that some new friends wanted to visit us that evening. Hearing the knock on the door I went to open and the friend came with her hand full of two huge flower bouquets. One bouquet of roses and another one of beautiful lilies!

Wow, the Universe acknowledged the feeling in my heart! I realised that I had participated in co-creating this reality.

I have shared this and many more personal experiences like these in my book, “Twelve Steps to Inner Peace”

These experiences helped me understand that the ideal purpose of life is to enjoy the moment fully and be grateful. The place you live or the things you have does not make any difference.  The important thing is that you are alive in the moment, enjoying the moment to the fullest, making yourself greater than stories of your mind.

Since this is a participatory Universe, and we are the co-creators with the Universe, we create our reality every moment as we fully participate in experiencing living.  As we become ‘great and full’ we continue creating our beautiful reality as we move through the experience of life.

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