Self worth is valuing who you are and not what you do.

Society and social systems have trained the human to focus oneself against others and not pay any attention to one’s own intrinsic value.

Our culture has taught us to be competitive and feel good only when we have more, better, bigger or more shiny toys than others.  So to feel good, we constantly compare ourselves with others. This is a misplaced value, because there is always someone who has more or is better than us. Comparison and competition plunges the individual into depression, extreme stress, mental and emotional imbalance. In competition and war, there are no winners, everyone becomes a loser. We built our world based on separation. The idea of conflict is a failure.  This condition of our world is asking us to think and act differently.

As humans each one of us are unique, it is important to take the inner journey and realize the magnificent powerful beings that we each are.

The feelings of unworthiness arises as a belief in separation, separation from each other and separation from the Creator.  This belief in separation has been disproved by science and revelations from ancient scriptures around the world.

Thousands of new research have given us proof beyond any doubt that there is no separation, and that everything is connected to everything.  Our collective consciousness informs itself through its creations.

We are amazing beings, and we have the wisdom to reverse the conditions of our physical body and our environment.

We bought ourselves into the idea of separation and scarcity in our minds, that does not mean it is true.

Trying hard to be faster, smarter, better and playing by the rules, we don’t get to live our life. Our survival brain does not allow us to be happy.

There is a vast difference in seeing if something is wrong with me or if something is wrong with the system. Believing other people’s judgment, you set yourself up for failure.

It is time to do the inner work, and understand this intrinsic beauty and magnificence of the human self. It is time to get out of our survival brain and build our self worth. Let us take a step back and understand the big picture that there is no separation and that cooperation and compassion is the key to get out of chaos.

These are simple powerful tools that help us with our inner work:

1. Meditation – practicing silence and stillness provides the experience of feeling connected to something deeper and helps remove the feeling of separation from the Creator. It gives the feeling of worthiness. Close your physical senses, just notice your breathing. Start with just 5 minutes each day as often as you can and increase as you go. You notice that you get calmer and more connected to the deeper intelligence. You feel good, you feel worthy.

2. Your heart is scientifically proven to be a huge electromagnetic energy system that communicates with the Divine energy field around. Your hands are the extension of your heart. So place your hand on your heart and say, ‘I am worthy, I am valuable, I am powerful’, do this many times during the day.

3. Mother yourself, be your own parent. Give yourself the love, approval, and appreciation that you deserve.

4.You are in this physical human body to experience self-mastery. You are born with immense capacity to solve your problems. Take courage to balance yourself and experience yourself as the master that you are.


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