Your physicality is made of polarity, positive & negative.

Positive shines because of the negative, and negative is seen because of the positive. When both are in balance beautiful creations are possible.  We are on this Planet in this dimension to master this game of balancing the positive & negative through self-acceptance.

Everything on the outside is one’s reflection. There is nothing out there, it is all you, your reflection. There is only one, and that is you.

Practice connecting with yourself, notice that which you are critical about on the outside, understand that it comes into your space because of a resonating frequency within.

Fall in love with yourself, practice self-acceptance, when you fall in love with yourself, you can accept your reflection also.

When you judge things as positive, it means you think there is something negative. Since everything is a part of your make up, you are judging a part of yourself.

When you try to avoid the darkness and keep focusing on the light, the darkness is going to keep acting out.

Refusing to give permission to emotions and pushing down emotions create enormous problems in evolving into our grander self. The more we do not recognize our shadow self, we continue to project it on to others outside. This unbalance creates extreme limitation, lack of clarity, blockages in decision making. Life becomes extremely stressful.

Connecting with yourself, noticing habits and patterns and processing them, and shining the light of understanding is the key to freedom.

The ability to create grandness for ourselves and so for the Planet depends on how much of our darkness we have fallen in love with.

Our ability to become rich depends on how much we can accept being broke.

Our ability to live life with effortless ease depends on how okay we are with death. All kinds of death, death of our past stories or death of the cells of our body, any and all kinds of death. Even disease is a past story that is trying to die. Life wants to cleanse us of all old stories, but we hang on to them.

Practicing letting go & flowing with life, is becoming the Master of the game of balancing polarity.

When we balance polarity within ourselves, we heal the past, we evolve in consciousness and create heaven for ourselves and our Planet. Everything we do then becomes a win-win situation.


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