Chaos is sometimes a means for evolution to happen.

We exist right now as beings evolved from all of the chaos that happened in the evolution of the Planet. When we understand this and embrace the chaos as a way of evolution, we get to heal the chaos and then we don’t need it anymore.

Change is a constant whether we like it or not. Wars, illnesses & conflicts are the result of not willing to change. When we don’t take the courage to evolve, the planet pushes us into evolution.

It is important to honor our emotions and the connection with each other and the connection with the Planet.

Honoring our emotions and facing our fears is the most important task at hand. We get to manifest our reality only with the help or our emotional body. If we do not work with our emotions and face them and embrace them then we are in for extreme conflict. 

The moon cycles, eclipses, and solar flare energies that enter the planet are sent with Divine Grace to help pull the emotions that we have bottled up within us, to help face our fears, to process our thoughts and come back to balance.

As humanity we forgot to acknowledge our emotions, we teach our children not to cry, not to be angry, to push all negative emotions aside and only show the positive side to the world.

This practice has made us unbalanced as adults.

As we have not faced our fears we project our fears onto everything, we judge and to get out of fear we decide to destroy that which we fear. We start playing “for or against” blame games. We refuse to go within and the problem seems to become huge. This produces the chaos of wars, illnesses, and conflicts.

The chaos is a message for us to go within, face our fears, process our thoughts, give ourselves permission to feel our emotions and to heal them. 

Our emotional bodies show us exactly how we feel in our world, they are the fuel to manifest our reality. To create a balanced reality for ourselves it is important to honor our emotions.

It is a journey of finding love & acceptance again and again, and this means that we get to let go again and again.

Heart break is a part of this journey.

The heart is like a seed that has to break open to grow. We have to come back to the truth of who we are only by letting go, finding love & acceptance within ourselves.

If we fail to fill ourselves with our own love & acceptance, then everything that is going on around will fill that space. Stop filling your time with doing things that do not reach out to your inner being.

Creating a space for prayer and meditation is a way of processing thoughts and becoming balanced. Just breathe, stay with yourself, place your hand on your heart and ask your heart for guidance.

Your heart is the only thing you can trust. Aligning with your heart empowers you & creates clarity for your life journey.


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