We are solar conscious beings, we are made of solar energy, our body is full of photons.

The sun’s energy is the purest source of our consciousness. We can grow the solar energy within our energetic fields through sun-gazing or practicing arts like Qigong, Falun Dafa, Yoga or Reiki, that pull photons through us and grow the solar energy within our energetic fields.

The meridian system of the body, the acupuncture points, and the vortices or chakras of the body are solar vacuum centers or portals that pull the sun’s energy into the body.

The solar light energy illuminates our consciousness. It cleanses our thoughts and memories and heals our body system. The more coherent the solar energy in the body, the more enlightened and healthy we become.

Solar life force energy not only heals the memory or erroneous thoughts of the physical body but it also clears the memory of water and food and enriches it with new energy.

Dr. Hew Len, who showed the world the simple steps to healing through Ho’oponopono has also shared simple technique about blue solar water.

I find that the blue solar water brings in the purest solar energy into our body system.

Sharing the method of making and using the blue solar water from Dr. Hew Len’s own words:

(“Fill a blue glass bottle to the top with water, wrap the top with cellophane, place the bottle in the sun or under an incandescent lamp for at least one hour. Drink the water, rinse your body with the water after bathing or showering, use the blue solar water to cook with, wash your clothes with or for whatever you use water for. You can make your coffee or hot chocolate with blue solar water.”)

We are children of the sun. The solar life force energy balances our physical, mental & emotional body systems. We receive this life force energy to sustain ourselves, to evolve and to progress. Disconnection takes us to low states of consciousness. Connecting consciously with the stream of solar energy we receive information and we heal ourselves.

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