I had posted this thought,

“Earth is in a duality paradigm, so if you create something lighter, you will also see something darker. The way is to rise above light & dark.

A sweet friend asked me to explain this thought.


The first thing to remember about the play called “Human experience” on this Planet is a Maya or illusion. The illusion was created for learning and gathering wisdom to dream grander visions and create greater solutions. Duality was seeded in this dimension for the learning effect.

Modern Science, quantum physics has documented and proven that there is nothing solid, all matter is energy in different levels of vibration, our physical world is created as a play of energy.

All ancient spiritual texts have also stated the same thing that we are never born and we never die because we are eternal spirits, energy beings who play in a lower vibration for the purpose of gathering wisdom.

That which is born and dies is just the physical form made from the intention of the energy being that plays it. The form changes, it is also not destroyed. We lived before we came into play in these physical forms, we are here now in this form and then the form will go but we remain.

The play of light and dark is neither good nor bad, it is just experience. If we do not experience pain we cannot appreciate pleasure, if we do not experience lack we cannot appreciate abundance. So both light and dark are learning curves for our soul to evolve into strength, courage and compassion.

Compassion is non-judgment. It is neither for or against anything, it is just being in the moment, noticing and extending oneself consciously.

So when someone is in pain, if you judge them to be suffering then you project your fear onto them and you will not be 100% available to extend yourself to them.

Hence compassion is not empathy, compassion is looking at things from a higher perspective, rising above good or bad, right or wrong and completely trusting in the goodness of life.

Life brings to our door terrible experiences in complete kindness, knowing that we have the power to grow and evolve through it. The seed grows because the extreme pressure breaks open its coat to grow and evolve. All is well all the time. Trust that I have answered your question my dear friend.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar 2020


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