Consciousness is the creator of everything in this Physical Planet.

The state of mind we choose to hold matters.

Because everything is a projection of the consciousness we hold within.

We can pray for peace only if we choose to hold peace within ourselves.

We can be truly thankful only if we choose to hold the attitude of gratitude within.

We can bless others only if we choose to hold joy within.

We can find solutions and answers only if we choose to trust and be still within.

We can have peaceful, inspiring conversations only if we choose to (be in spirit) be inspired within.

We can make our work efficient only when we choose to hold integrity within.

We can heal ourselves and others only when we choose to see the world as a wondrous place with great potential and not something broken that we need to fix.

At any given moment when the things on the outside are confusing or chaotic, it is imperative to investigate and observe the consciousness we are holding within.

We are the creators of our reality, a 100%, by the choices we make.

It is foolish to involve in blame games.

We are absolutely responsible of what we bring to the collective consciousness of humanity.

Yes, we matter, each one of us! Our choices matters a lot!

Connecting with our inner power, being still and allowing Divine inspiration to move through us, matters a lot. No more blame games, we are the ones we were waiting for.

Let us choose to hold truth, integrity, and responsibility within.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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