Science now proves that we are more than matter, we are energy beings connected to a magnificent electromagnetic field of Consciousness, a field from which all matter is made, a Unified field of possibilities, a field that connects all beings seen and unseen.


For a long time we were conditioned to believe that we are separate from each other, separate from the world, separate from the Creator and all other beings.


Perceiving life only through the physical senses kept us in a very limited view of ourselves and our world.  We believed that we are separate from anything that happens in our world and that we are supposed to hope for and make the best of whatever life brings our way. 

This belief of separation has created chaos, confusion, competition, diseases, and wars. History, tradition, culture, families all have influenced us into a belief system that we are limited beings. Our limited beliefs made us fear one another because of our differences. Relying on limited perceptions and beliefs, we forgot to explore and make new experiences for ourselves.

We are grand beings with unlimited power to heal our life and our world. The intelligent power that made our bodies and all things material is fully capable of healing and renewing our body and our life. The important thing is to take away moments in our day to withdraw from physical senses and to experience awareness.

We only need senses to experience physical reality, but to experience the powerful Unified field of consciousness we need to get into awareness. The Unified field is the governing energy that unifies everything material in this world.

Our energy is powerful, our energy moves to where we place our attention. So when there is no attention on anything physical, like the body, the people, the places, things, or time, we can invest our energy fully into the Present moment. 

According to Quantum Science, all possibilities exist in this eternal Present moment. Where we place our attention, our energy gets invested there, and where our energy is placed, things expand. The energy we invest into the awareness of this unified field brings information  that starts to physically change our brain. The brain receives powerful information different from the limited perception of the physical senses.

Consistently taking moments away from physical experience and investing in connecting to the Unified field with awareness creates new neural pathways and strong connections in the brain circuits. Now the brain circuits will make it easier to stay connected to the field.  As the field is the governing energy of all things material in this physical world, it creates a wholesome experience, where there is a significant upgrade in the physical body, there is significant change in emotion and the way of looking at physical experience of life, the amount of gratitude, joy and freedom that we feel is totally life altering.  New research on brain mapping has proven without a doubt the grand changes in health of happiness for 1000s of people around the world. Read all about this groundbreaking research by googling on Brain Mapping.

Research by the HeartMath Institute gives simple guidance on entering the peaceful state of heart-brain coherence that creates a space to energetically connect to the Unified Field.

Beta brain wave is our waking state that is busy state of the brain, the alpha brain wave state is a relaxed state where it is easier to connect. Withdrawing from physical sensations, closing eyes, noticing breathing gently takes one into the alpha state.

Simply taking a few hours of silent time for myself in the early morning hours or in the evening has worked well for me. This connection with this powerful unified field has brought solutions, health and emotional maturity every step of the way throughout my life. When I was young, I did not have proper terminology to explain this marvelous inner experience, but now I am happy that Quantum science and research by many wonderful scientists is bringing this powerful truth out in the open.

It is important to understand that only a very small percentage of who we are is physical, we are powerful energy beings and we need energy food to thrive. Letting go busyness and involvement with physical things and taking silent time out to enter the present moment and connect with the field brings health, wealth, life solutions, and emotional upgrade needed to live a life of freedom and joy on this Planet.

Let us choose to train our body to sit silently at least for an hour away from sensory stimulation, I have found blindfolds work very well to create less sensory stimulation.  This work of connecting with the energy field is not a prayer, you are not asking anything here, you are just silently receiving allowing your brain to be upgraded so that you live a better life as a better human being.


Premlatha Rajkumar

©️ PRajkumar, 2020


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