I have been reading and listening to new research on health and longevity and these are some of the pointers that I gathered.

Longevity genes make proteins that tell the body how to fend against adversity.

New research says these genes that bring good health and long life are triggered by the way we choose to live our life.

New research on longevity genes enlightens us with important pointers that help to turn on these longevity genes.

The body and mind are our beautiful vehicles that help us live on this physical planet. It is the number one priority to treat body and mind with respect.

1.Processing thoughts, releasing stress thoughts from the mind – do whatever it takes to release negative emotional baggage. Learn to live in the present moment and anchor peace within. Positive emotions turn on the longevity genes.

2.Skipping meals, not starving – learning to treat the body with respect. Understand that the body is a beautiful vehicle and it needs proper nutrition to run.

Do not over feed it many times so that it goes into dietary diseases and stress. Food is not entertainment, food is not a therapist, food is for nutrition only.

New research says that one meal a day is enough if you are not exercising, if you just have a desk job. Eat less often and add supplements to your diet.

Scientists are now learning to artificially tweak the longevity genes through supplements. Research says that the body has the capacity to live just with supplements and water for 40 days. 

3.Smoking turns off longevity genes, it is big ‘no’ for the body according to research. No smoking of any kind.

4.Exercise, getting out of comfort zone – losing breath sometimes is good to turn on these genes.  Exercising at least 3 days a week is good. Even taking a pleasant walk brings relaxation for body and mind. Playing with pets or children is a wonderful exercise in itself.

5. Avoid all junk foods & chemicals, put nothing artificial into the body system. Reduce carbohydrates, give good fats for the body’s energy like olive oil, butter, ghee, coconut oil

6. Give the body a good night’s sleep

7. Surround yourself with positive people. Do not allow negative thoughts and negative people to occupy your mind and affect your progress.

The body is born and the body has to die one day. The gift is this Present moment, make the most of it. Continue to renew yourself everyday, choose to live better, Choose to live as the best version of yourself.


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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