Welcome to the Awakening Journey

Greetings in love! 

I am Premlatha Rajkumar. As a spiritual mentor and energy healer, I have chosen to offer my guidance and assistance to individuals who are willing to awaken and remember their Divinity and connect with their own inner power and wisdom. My work includes Intuitive Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Mentoring and Energy Healing. When one is open and receptive, deep and meaningful healings happen on many levels. 

The greatest illusion on this Planet is forgetting our Divinity.  At this time consciousness has chosen to evolve and transform humanity. We all are awakening to our Divinity within. The chaos of the busy modern world does not sound right anymore. 

We are courageous souls, we continue to seek the ultimate. Our seeking leads us on the journey of awakening to our power within. Understanding your power within and utilizing your power is not only liberating, but it is also crucial to your well being. The way you use your power determines the flow of your life and also touches others around you. 

Holding each other’s hands as we walk this powerful journey helps in amazing ways. It is my delight and honor to hold your hand and help you discover and reclaim your own power to create a wonderful life for yourself. 

Please go through my website, read the blogs that I share, and if what I share resonates with you please feel free to contact me. 



The Soul Story:

Life is a platform for us to evolve & explore our spiritual powers within. We are grand beings of immense love and light, we are travelers beyond time, space & physicality. 

We lived as pure souls before we came into the body vehicle, we now live in these beautiful body vehicles, the body comes and it goes, but we are eternal souls who continue our journey of evolving our consciousness and returning back to the grand Source energy/God from where we came. 

Returning back after gathering the wisdom of life experiences is the awakening journey. Since we are returning back we begin to awaken, we start experiencing the knowing of unity and connection. Everything is on the move back to the Source energy.  We can either resist it or allow it to happen. Allowing and going with the flow, creates more comfort.  

True Nature of Life:

Ancient cultures & scriptures around the world explain creation from Unity/ the One Self/ God exploring itself by going into individuality into an illusion of separation in order to explore and experience itself.  They explain that all creation is an illusion experience that arises from the ‘One.’ Science & modern theories give explanation about the big bang & about creation happening from nothing. 

New research in Quantum science has brought these great mysteries out in the open. It has proven beyond reasonable doubt that everything is connected to everything else. Research proof and documentation from the early 2000s by Quantum science unites science and spirituality together in a single wisdom that is greater than either of them. 

The research proves that we are not powerless victims of circumstances, in fact we are powerful beyond imagination. We are not just individual physical entities, our oneness with the Cosmic energies has been now clearly documented.  There is an intelligent field of energy that underlies our physical reality, all material things arise from this field. The field is connected to all beings and we humans are capable of influencing this field of energy. 

Quantum scientists, Cell biologists, Epigeneticists, New Age authors, New Age spiritual teachers, indigenous elders,  and New Age channellers continue to talk about this intelligent field of unlimited possibilities. According to the, ancient religions and cultures, and beings from the higher dimensions, there is one common truth, it is that this intelligent field of possibilities connects everything to everything, there is absolutely no separation. And co-creation with this field is the spiritual resonance of being in harmony  with love, life and existence.

Our Connection with the Field of Possibilities:

Every individual has access to this field of possibilities. Through the coherence of our powerful physical heart and brain, we get to access this field. 

The scientists explain that this field is electromagnetic, and our human physical heart and brain also have electrical and magnetic fields. 

The Heart Math Institute research says that the electromagnetic field of the heart is much more powerful than the brain, and it takes both the heart and the brain to influence this electromagnetic field of possibilities around us. The heart and brain need to come into coherence. When emotions and thoughts unite, feelings are formed. When we consciously awaken feelings of compassion and gratitude, intensely in our heart, we have the power to influence this field and co-create positive changes to our reality. 

We are deeply connected to our physical bodies, and we are deeply connected to the cosmos around us. 

Understanding The Call of Divinity:

It is important to realize that it is the desire of life to help us awaken to our divinity, to see the world through the eye of God. The Awakening process is all about clearing mental noise, looking within, harmonizing our attention and living in conscious awareness. 

Success is defined by the way we respond to challenges.  We are not reporters of problems, we are visionaries capable of  holding grand visions and creators of great solutions through our conscious awareness and harmony with existence.


As someone who has been touched by the wonderful guidance of my soul from a very young age, it is my honor and joy to assist you to make your awakening journey easier.

For many years we have forgotten the connection between our mind and body. We were led to believe that the outside world has all the answers and then we find that sadly it does not. It is not the world outside but the power that made our body that has the answers. Forgetting our connection with our source, we get into chronic stress and discomfort of the body and mind.

To heal our body, mind, and our way of living, it is important to address the root cause, and connect back to our power within.

With chronic problems, quick fix models of the modern world do not work. In order to address the root cause and take control of our situation we need to embark on the inner journey of following intuition, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions, choosing harmony with life and deepening our spiritual connections.

Practicing to be in harmony your awakening journey flows with ease and  you get to create your beautiful reality that would bring joy and well being for yourself and others around you.


Premlatha Rajkumar

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