Elevating our consciousness is important. There is an afterlife and our consciousness survives the body.

Being in the physical body is a wonderful opportunity to evolve in our consciousness. We  have to be aware of what we put into our mind, the things we read the movies we watch, the language we use, the people we hang out with. What we practice in this life is going to follow us in the next world.

There is numerous proof available for us about these things at this time.  Especially people who die and come back, those who were pronounced medically dead but were able to wake up and come back to tell how their consciousness survived and the physical body was not who they were. There is a wonderful international association called IANDS, international association for near death studies. This organization has radio shows and video interviews of innumerable people from all over the world who  have experienced death of the body and are aware of consciousness. YouTube has thousands of videos from many channels of these kinds of interviews from all over the world. Please take time to watch these and gather information. We have been given a powerful gift to evolve in our consciousness in this lifetime in this physical experience.

When we get to understand the truth of who we are, we need not operate from the place of fear.

Near death studies from around the world show amazing transformation of the people who go through the experience and also people who listen to these experiences.

These experiences bring the realization of love and compassion first towards yourself, to accept yourself with all the negative aspects. Then it brings the awareness of  unconditional love and apathy towards others, towards nature and towards the planet.  The experience brings the understanding that we are connected with an aspect of consciousness of every person on the planet.

Near death experience or NDE as it is called, disproves the theory that consciousness arises in the brain because NDE happens with the brain flatlines and when they are clinically dead, that is when the brain function has completely stopped.

At this time the patient’s enhanced consciousness is aware of their individual expanded self outside the body, they experience life reviews of connection with the past and thoughts of other people and situations. They experience situations that happened in their physical reality with a more enhanced emotional aspect of how they felt and also how others felt in the situation. They experience knowledge and wisdom and they receive answers before questions are asked. They also see future events, so they are in a dimension where time and space does not play a role anymore. 

In the level outside the physical space-time experience, everything is connected, everything is unconditional love, everything is acceptance, everything is unity. 

We attain this enhanced consciousness also through meditation, where we close our physical senses and go into the dimension of no-time, no-space. 

If we only identify ourselves as a physical body and mind and what we do, we get into the fear of losing our identity. 

When challenges come, consciousness pushes us to take new roles to meet the challenge. We are not meant to stagnate ourselves as just physical matter, we are supposed to renew, regenerate and recreate ourselves through every life experience. 

Human spirit is resilient, it is programmed to evolve. We evolve by raising our consciousness. We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

The physical planet is always about chaos and order, you jump to order from chaos.

Stop focusing on the negative, stop focusing on fear. Enjoy but don’t overindulge. 

When you train yourself to see everything as energy and everything as interconnected then you are home free. 


Premlatha Rajkumar



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