This question answer session is from one of my free guidance services. It is interesting to note that we have all the answers within ourselves and it only takes a moment to sit with ourselves and find the answer. 

A friend wrote to me saying that he is going through a lot of heartache and depression because of the things that happened in his life.  He fell in love and married his wife without the permission of her family. His family was supportive but not his wife’s family. His wife’s father came with a few other people and forcibly took her away. They sent him divorce papers. He got himself addicted to alcohol and drugs to get out of his heartache. Then his parents had helped him with rehab and he was better, then he got back with his wife again without the knowledge of her family.  But during this recent pandemic period he could not get to see her and his wife’s parents got her married to another man.

These unfortunate events pulled him into more sadness and hopelessness. He reached out to me to help him see the light in this situation. 

The following is the dialogue we had :

Let us call this friend, Rahul (the name is changed for privacy)

Rahul:  My problem is so bad that I cry if I see the moon in the sky, because I spent many wonderful times with my wife under the moonlight. I cry if I feel the breeze, I cry if I feel raindrops on me. It is extremely painful. 

Premlatha: Tell me something Rahul,’ who were you before she came into your life?’

Rahul:  I was the champ.

Premlatha:  Good. Now tell  me who will you be without these stressful thoughts about this situation.

Rahul: I was the captain of my football team. I had so many friends. 

Premlatha: Please take some time to think and answer this question. 

Take a breath.

Take even two more breaths. 

Read the question again. 

Who will you be without these thoughts.

After a long pause Rahul answers.

Rahul: Without these thoughts, I am a successful man, I am the only son of my parents, I am an engineer. 

Premlatha:  Now I do not want you to define yourself from the mind story of your status or position. 

Rahul:  I am a lovable person. 

Premlatha: Good, so you are a lovable person, continue, who are you outside the story of your mind. 

Rahul:  Ok, now I understand.  Yes, I have a good life, I go to the gym. I am a happy person. 

Premlatha: Good. So  you are a happy person, and that is your true self , right? 

Rahul: Yes, without these thoughts, I am a happy person. 

Premlatha: Ok, now take  your time and feel this question and answer, “ What happens when you think these stressful thoughts”

Rahul: I feel very sad, I feel my life is over, I even think about suicide.  Sometimes I pray at night, “God make me sleep forever”

Premlatha: Ok, now come with me on this journey to know who you are.   You now understand that you are  your true self, which is joy, you know that you are a happy person. 

Rahul; Yes, right. 

Premlatha:  All ancient scriptures agree with this, and now new science after much research says that you are neither your body, nor your mind not even your personality. Nothing is true. Personality and attitudes are created by choice. According to new science, you are an energy being and  not physical. According to spirituality, you are a spirit being with immense potential and capable of infinite expansion. 

You expand and evolve and grow energetically and spiritually through the many experiences of the human experience. 

Rahul: Yes. 

Premlatha:  Experiences come to you because you are extremely capable of dealing with them. 

You are born with immense potential to save yourself and also this world. 

You are a most brilliant light. 

You are here to shine your light. 

You are here to create grander solutions for yourself and the people around you.because you are extremely capable. 

You are here to dream greater visions and manifest them in the physical. 

To do this you have to access  your true self.  And your true self is the unending joy.

Feeling good = Feeling God.  – this is the formula. 

Joy is your indicator for everything. 

It is your compass. 

When you lose your joy, you have lost  your purpose for being in this human body experience. 

Sit with  yourself, connect back with your joy. Do the things you did as a child, do the things you enjoy, do anything and everything that can bring you back to  your joy. 

It is very important to start by thanking this situation. Thank the people who played this situation for your human experience in this physical journey.  The wife, her father, and everyone else involved who were the cause of this experience for you. 

This situation is a great opportunity to test your capacity as the brilliant light that you are.

You are forever capable. 

You are this powerful spirit being who lived before you came into this body, you now live and experience this physical body, the body will come and it will go, but you will continue your journey with the greater wisdom you achieved through all your experiences here. 

Rahul: I like your answer.  Tell me why there are people out there who feel happy to hurt others.

Premlatha:  Your reality is created from within you.  “You create your world from inside out and not from outside in. “  Please consider this statement. Write it in a piece of paper and look at it many times. 

You create your reality 100% of the time through your perception. 

There is no other person responsible for your reality. 

This brings the powerful understanding that you are the one who can create by choice. 

You are so powerful, you can choose what thoughts you want to encourage, what emotions you want to encourage! You are the master of  your life. 

You have the power to shine and show the world by example. 

Let go that which does not support your life. Just let go,  not because what these people did to you was right, no, not at all. 

It is because you do not hide your brilliance because of their actions. You do not get to lose your joy because of their actions. Do not give away your power to them. 

Let go. Practice self- love. Love yourself enough to create grandness for yourself and those around you. 

Do new things with yourself. Create new happy memories so that you erase old memories. 

Rahul:  I like this very much.  Trust me I was feeling so very depressed, but now I feel so free. Thank you.  You are a great counsellor. 

Premlatha: Be happy, that is who you are. You are powerful and you have the choice. This is freedom. Take care my friend. Be well! 


Premlatha Rajkumar



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