from my book “Everyday Empowerment”

Kindness is the greatest art of human living.

Kindness makes life more sacred.

Kindness builds Heaven on Earth.

Some may say that knowledge is the first requirement for living a human life, but I have observed that kindness is the first requirement.

For knowledge can be easily available through books, teachers, and experiences; knowledge is just an imitation of all things learned. Knowledge can never truly connect with nor weave harmony among humanity.

In fact, knowledge and cleverness so far has only helped to create a world of chaos. Knowledge and cleverness cannot give birth to Wisdom.

Wisdom comes from practicing the ‘heart truths’ of kindness, gentleness, and understanding.

The art of practicing kindness starts with oneself. In practicing kindness, one does not attach to thoughts of fear, sadness, guilt, or resentment that arise in the mind. One does not terrorize oneself with the fear stories and imaginations of the mind. One lives in kindness as kindness itself; by living totally in the place of trust.

Kindness towards oneself brings the understanding that life is not difficult, as it is the images created in the mind (the thinking) that makes it difficult. When we undo the turmoil on the inside, the world around us becomes peaceful and quiet. Our world on the outside is projected from the consciousness we hold on the inside. When we choose to practice kindness on the inside, we project a much kinder world on the outside.


Premlatha Rajkumar

An excerpt from my book “Everyday Empowerment “

Available on Amazon:…/dp/B01BZ5AX9G


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