Imagine that you are given a certain amount of money as security for your life on the Planet everyday. Let us say 100 units. You are given this amount everyday and you are to use it for your wellbeing. If you are using up this money to gamble then you have less amount to support your wellbeing. The more you get addicted to spending the money in a negative way then you end up risking your wellbeing. 

Now let us apply this example to energy currency. Life energy in you can be defined as having energy currency or not having energy currency. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, are energy. Your physical body and all its organs require energy to survive. Your interaction with people and your process with your perception and emotions require energy. Energy goes towards things you focus your attention on. 

When we are unconscious of our life force energy and go through life without knowing how to maintain it, we continue to lose energy during the course of our life. Children are born with full energy, they are so active throughout the day, it is difficult for adults to keep up with them. 

As we grow older shouldn’t our energy also grow with us? Why do we lose energy, why do we become tired soon, why is it difficult to make the right decisions, why is it difficult to connect with our intuition, why do we get into dis-ease of the body and why do we age and die? If life is determined on having energy or not having energy, then the answer to all the above questions is the deficit of energy.

As we grow up the family, society & education systems program us to live in fear and to compete with each other for better things and more things. So our every interaction with life comes from the place of judgment. Thousands of new scientific research studies have shown that we are energy beings and our energy drains when we lower our consciousness from the place of judgment. Anger, fear, greed, guilt, shame all lower emotions arise from judgment and they continue to drain our life energy. Lack of energy manifests as illness, problems and issues. 

The energy currency we receive everyday when we wake up is for the wellbeing of our body and all the interactions of the body. But when we lower our consciousness through negative emotions we lose energy heavily and before the day is over we end up exhausted. The body tries to balance itself and use the little bit of energy for the essential work of the organs. But as we continue to involve ourselves in lowering our consciousness, an energy crisis happens in the body. Crisis is the outcome of not knowing about the flow of life force energy. Energy crisis creates sickness, depression and aging. 

As humans we exchange energy with every physical interaction, every interaction with people, things and places. And our level of consciousness during the energy exchange determines whether we drain our energy or we gain more energy. We are born with the ability to perceive, receive and generate energy. 

The space around us is filled with the ocean of energy. We can earn more energy currency for ourselves by raising our consciousness with elevated emotions.  Elevated emotions of willingness, acceptance, courage, love, joy, peace are powerful to raise the level of consciousness. A raised consciousness taps into and receives more energy from the energy ocean around. This is a method of earning more energy currency for ourselves. 

The more the energy within us the more healthier our body. And the excess energy helps us to execute wisely whatever comes up in our life experience, and the excess energy also helps in manifesting what we want. 

There are many powerful energy practices around the world that can increase the energy currency in our body. A few examples are practices like Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Falun Dafa, Reiki. These practices help us to get less involved with lower levels of consciousness. 

Also conscious practices of holding the attitude of gratitude, loving the self, choosing to perceive the gifts of life in all situations, getting out of the programmed package of self-identity and courageously choosing to undertake the journey of knowing the self are all powerful practices that open us up to the energy world of unlimited possibilities.  There is so much information about these practices now on the internet, adapt what works for you. 

Devote yourself diligently to some practice that allows you to be yourself and to be connected to the life force energy around you. Prevent energy crisis, choose to live your best life now. Take care of yourself and find joy about being alive. The most sustainable thing is our connection to the life force energy of the universe.  

It is important to know how much energy you really have. When there is no ease in body or mind, choose to increase your energy currency. Choose not to focus on fear,  or negative memories, do not hold on to attachments. Enjoy life but don’t overindulge. When you want more of something then you get trapped in the physical world and you start draining your energy due to the stress. 

When you understand that energy is the source of everything physical and that everything is interconnected you understand that your work is to raise your energy. Become joyful about your own existence, help yourself before you help others, come into freedom. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020

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