Special neurons called “mirror neurons” were discovered  very recently, in Aug, 2018.


Mirror neurons are brain cells  in the neocortex that fire when you are observing the actions and behaviors performed by another person and also when you are having an experience.  Mirror neurons give us the ability to imitate, they are a great help in the learning process. Mirroring is the behavior where a person subconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern or attitudes of another. 



The ability to imitate another person’s actions allows the baby to establish a sense of empathy and begin to understand another person’s emotions. Because of mirror neurons, children imitate language and social behaviors.  The neurons do not know the difference between having the experience or watching the experience.  That is why when we are watching a show or seeing movies we get so involved emotionally as if we are the one’s going through the emotion. So if you are watching someone laugh, you laugh because the neurons send signals to the body to facilitate the joy that they believe they are having. 


We are beings endowed with great resilience and intuition. Scientists now say that we have been given amazing abilities in the human body, and that we are the only form of life who can sit down for a moment in time and consciously choose to self regulate our biology.


We can sit in a moment in time and choose to awaken the longevity enzymes. We can become biologically younger by consciously taking a moment in time, talking to our biology and making mind-movies for inner peace.  From childhood, I have noticed this to be true for me at many different occasions, and I practice it till today and the conscious mind movies work in amazing ways. Many neuroscientists, quantum physicist and biologists have experimented and practiced and achieved success with this ability.


I greatly admire the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Gregg Braden, and Dr. Bruce Lipton, they are out there with their discoveries and successful experiments teaching people to regulate their biology for their greater good. Not only modern science but ancient wisdom also teaches about the ability of humans to create mind movies within and regulate the genes of health and longevity or to learn an art, or embrace change and thrive.  


There is a very ancient story in the Mahabharatha that talks about the boy Ekalavya, he was the son of a poor hunter, he wanted to learn archery. He went to the master of advanced military arts, Dronacharya. The master was the teacher of the Royal family and so he would not teach the art to Ekalavya.  Ekalavya’s deep desire to learn the art under the great master already accepted Dronacharya as his teacher. So he went home and made a statue of the teacher and for many years, just by imagination and powerful mind concentration practiced archery in front of his teacher’s statue with diligence. His skill became better than that of the princes, and he was so good that he could shoot an arrow blindfolded and by sound alone.


When we read about the Holocaust survivors, we learn about some of the tales of people who survived by imagination alone. They imagined they had a feast to eat when they were starving, they imagined they wore royal clothes when they were cold and had just rags to wear.  They carried their imagination consciously to completion and made their body to self-regulate. They not only survived but thrived in the harsh conditions and lived to tell their story.  Today in the modern world, the ‘busyness’ of life happened because of the attractions and attachments to things on the outside. As humans we are blessed with powerful tools within our body that can create wholesome experience for us.  We each one of us have to choose this for ourselves consciously.


We can take moments of time to sit in silence with ourselves and invest our attention and intention in drawing a new life to us. Our mirror neurons do not know if the mind movie we are imagining within is a real experience or not. They just send signals to the body to feel them as real and create an environment for the body.  We are a beautiful creation, we are given great abilities to focus on new possibilities, we have been given the abilities to become greater than our circumstances, our body, our mind, and greater than time. 

It is time to realize our grandness within. The journey to self-discovery is empowerment. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

© PRajkumar, 2020


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